CA PAM::. How to use Query_Database and Loop - Process Example

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HowItWorks.jpgCA PAM - How to use Query_Database and loop



01. Execute Query

CA PAM::. How to use Query_Database operator - Process Example 


02. Row Count


Post-execution code

Process.numTotalRows = Process[OpName].QueryResults.ResultSets[0].Rows[0].TotalRow;
Process.numRowsPerLoop = 100;
Process.numLoopsRequired = Math.ceil(Process.numTotalRows / Process.numRowsPerLoop);
Process.currentLoop = 0;


03. Loop Property


  • Repeat Count
    • Process.numLoopsRequired


04. For next step


On this example is Post-Execution Code on FetchDatabase operator

Process.currentLoop += 1;




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