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How does modify Query for selecting active Configuration Item (CI)?
Every time creating a ticket, casdgtw probe sends the query for making CI list to CA Service Desk Manager.


New CABI component is not working on new install
When navigating to on a new Windows install we receive a 404 error.


Getting error while fetching unfiltered list of alarms using /rest/alarms.
Error fetching alarms using Web services REST API


Alarms list and alarm summary is empty when using webservices_rest
Using webservices rest API to fetch alarms and summary returns empty information


Information on IOSTAT metrics calculation using cdm probe
TEC doc provides information how cdm probe uses the iostat functionality to capture the information


What to do before opening a case with Unified Infrastructure Management support.
General Troubleshooting steps to try before opening a support case for the Unified Infrastructure Management product.


Robot controller communication problems after server updated, Domain updated
UIM/UMP 8.4 environment. The application was running fine until after customer updated all the VMs one of the corporate domain. After the servers rebooted, the wasp is failing and also spoller, hdb, cdm probes failing as well.


What is my upgrade path to the latest version 8.5
I have an older version of software that is not listed on the current support matrix. What is the correct path to get to version 8.5


Admin Console on UIM 8.47+ is showing 404
After upgrading to 8.47 or higher Admin Console is displaying a 404 error or that The UIM Server Home Page has moved


How to determine if QOS data is being updated for all tables
Query provided to help customers determine if QOS data is consistently being updated over time for all expected tables


UIM e2e_appmon probe not starting scripts after volume change
After moving the robot from C:\ to D:\ drive the scripts no longer work.


Cannot create new groups in the UMP USM portlet
Creating interface groups (dynamic or static) is generating 'firehunter' errors.


After upgrading to UIM 8.4 or above we are missing some dashboard portlets.
When navigating to the Alarm Console and Dashboard Designer we see an error saying that the dashboard as been undeployed


What options do I have in running lua scripts?
You can use either the nas script editor to edit alarm related lua scripts or the nsa probe.


snmpcollector 3.22 is taking long time to load
With no devices it is taking 5 minutes to load the snmpcollector GUI


I am getting alarms when I do not have alarms turn on for a profile or my template has alarms turned on and profile does not get updated to turn alarm on.
baseline engine is what decides if an alarm should be sent or not. each instance of baseline engine has its own database /cache_dir/


SLA Reports - Scheduled Reports - No Reports after changing the DB name.
After you change the DB name the SLA reports are not generated any more.


Example on Triggers and Auto-Operators
This document will give a quick example on how to setup triggers and auto-operators so that you can generate additional alarms when two or more other alarms exist


How to use the sqlserver probe to monitor Microsoft SQL Server named instances
Tips on how to configure and monitor MS SQL Server named instances


How to reset MCS monitoring
This article is about the steps on how to reset MCS monitoring.


CABI is temporarily unavailable
Accessing the CABI portlet (dashboards) via UMP displays the following error: CABI is temporarily unavailable. However, connecting to Jasperserver works and all dashboards load as expected.


snmpcollector - missing metrics
snmpcollector probe version 3.30 shows less metrics for Citrix Netscaler Devices than the snmpcollector probe 2.26


SNMPCOLLECTOR - New Device Certification Request Process
Please see the attached file, called 'SNMPCOLLECTOR Device' Inside, you'll find a text file with instructions on how to collect all the information CA will need to create the certification request.


Uninstall windows robot via command line
command line to uninstall windows robot when uninstaller is missing


Processes Probe has Empty Status Tab
After installing the processes probe on a robot, you are unable to see any processes on the status tab


How do I delete a server / Device and all of its data without waiting for the retention period to end?
This articles provide a Perl script method to remove a server or device from UIM along with all of the associated data. It is provided AS IS. And is configured for use with MS SQL server.


USM with several duplicates nodes
duplicate devices/nodes on USM


Can Nimsoft archive folder be moved from C-drive to D-drive?
We are running short on our Production Windows C-drive and need to free-up some space on it. I noticed that the Nimsoft Archive folder is quiet large. Can we move this folder to the D-drive (which has plenty of space) without interrupting operation?


How to deploy probes manually
I would like to know how to deploy probes manually.


How to automatically fix missing metrics in USM
This document describes a method to have the metrics reassociated with their parent device automatically should they become disassociated.


How to monitor via WMI
You can use the RSP probe to use WMI.


How to use Enhanced MIB Parsing
Version 3.1 of snmptd probe has a new feature listed in the setup tab. It is a check box called "Enhance MIB Parsing". The documentation says "Enhance MIB Parsing


How to receive clear alarm e-mail notification
send EMAIL on clear alarm. Option: display all clear alarms in the alarm console


How to Add Profiles to cisco_monitor Using a File
This article describes how to add profiles to the cisco_monitor probe using a flat text file. This is in the format similar to a hosts file.


How can we use wildcards in USM Group filters
You can use SQL wildcards in the USM group filters


How to view historical alarms
After the removal of Enterprise console, you must now view historical alarms via transactionlog.db, or the DB.


How to move hubs/robots to a new CA UIM (Nimsoft) domain
The Nimsoft security mechanism will allow you to MOVE a robot to a different domain, but not 'pull' a robot from another domain. Therefore, you must be logged in to the old domain to be able to MOVE robots FROM the old domain to the new domain.


How to set Alarm_enrichment Loglevel and Logsize to capture information
Proper location and key information for setting alarm_enrichment probe logsize and log levels.


How to query or export alarm history from the database
If you are interested in querying/reporting on older alarms which may not be visible in the NAS history/status window, you may be able to find information by querying the local database used by NAS.


Certain Java based probes sometimes take a long time to acquire a port
This article discusses a reason why certain probes may be taking several minutes to acquire a port on Linux systems with Oracle backends.


How to Migrate From 32-bit UMP to 64-bit Ump - Windows
When customer wants to migrate from a 32-bit Windows platform for UMP to a 64-bit


How to filter a "NULL" within UMP?
I am trying to create an alarm filter in the dashboard designer. Is there any way to filter a not statement? I looked at the xml and it looks like this Is there any way to say message!="/((...


How to enlarge the performance of NAS running with lua scripts over 25.
The 25 transactions is not a hard limit (its a guideline), its what was tested. We recommend that if you are running more the 25 scripts to use more than one NAS, but if you go over that and your server is not overly taxed it should work no problem, but again this is not supported, and was not tested. Also this was tested with Oracle backend which is slowest. MSSQL backend can probably handle more.


How to verify core dump is usable
If you have created a core dump and want to verify that it is usable, follow these steps.


Regex How to Include and Exclude in same expression
select all hosts that have sjc but should not have nm in them.


How to migrate from 32-bit Linux hub server to 64-bit Linux hub server
Customer should take following steps to migrate from 32-bit Linux to 64-bit Linux


How to find if a stored procedure exists in the database
A current case required an SQL query to find a missing stored procedure. Following query can be used to find if a stored procedure exists in the database.


How to view alarm message/transaction history when there are no current alarms visible
Is there a way to view alarm history for a device that has no currently active alarms?


How to forward alarms/alerts to the Nimsoft Monitoring Server from HPOMW/HP OpenView
The nimalarm command provides a method of publishing alarms onto the UIM message bus. It can be used to forward events from HPOMU/OpenView to UIM.


How does the cdm probe collect info on file system availability and utilization
things related to disk monitoring in CDM probe


How many profiles can the rsp probe monitor?
RSP can only scale to 50 hosts


CDM- How source name is computed in CDM probe
CDM source name computation is based on settings in the controller and cdm probe


Clear events are coming as an Alarm (how do we prevent this?)
Clear events are coming as an Alarm in the Alarm console, we do not want these clear Alarms in the Alarm window. Please let us know the procedure to exclude clear Alarms from the alarm console.


How do I disable the ability of users to log in to the UMP more than once at a time?
Customers may wish to limit the ability of users to log into UMP in more than one session simultaneously (for example, to prevent account sharing.)


Does logmon probe Lock the File?
Yes - a shared lock.


nas Transaction Logging/Transaction Summary and compression
What does Transaction logging and Transaction summary mean, compression data after mean?


How to create a CA Nimsoft Monitor Super Package (multiple probes)
Distributing multiple probes and configuration files together as a "super-package." The attached .pdf includes a set of slides that describes how to create and deploy a super-package


How to set ORIGIN using ADE
With ADE install, the origin field can be set on a robot. The important thing to note here is that origin is actually set in the spooler.cfg and not in robot.cfg.


How to change the retention time for messages (QoS/alarms)
By default, a robot/hub will keep the QoS/alarm data for 7 days if there is no connectivity to the hub.


How to prevent duplicate email alerts from nas
Getting an email each time the probe alerts even though it is a duplicate alert. In the nas Auto-Operator profile when you set to use Action mode "On message arrival" the nas performs the action immediately -- before suppression is performed.


How to add the ecometer template builder portlet to UMP
Hello I have added the ecometer template builder probe to the UMP. The webapps includes the ecometer template but the UMP portlet does not have the ecometer under the portlet monitoring. please advise thanks kate


How to determine the version of Unified Reporter
Login to the Infrastructure Manager and select the local Nimsoft Archive. The version of Unified Reports will correspond to the wasp packages in the archive. All of the wasp_ur_* packages (see below):


What queries are used by the CA UIM db2 probe?
List of DB2 queries used by the UIM DB2 probe for monitoring DB2 databases.


How to activate/deactivate a probe from the command line
There are a number of situations in which you may find it useful to activate or deactivate a probe from the command line, e.g., when you cannot access/open the Infrastructure Manager GUI.


Which SQL-query could I use to see all alarms on a specific device during a certain day?
The NIS bridge keeps his history for 90 days, so the data is there. How can I get this information?


dirscan probe on linux show wrong age of file
We are scanning a file in a folder on a Linux server using DIRSCAN probe, but it shows that the file is 17177 days old.


How do I configure url_response to show profile names in USM?
You can use useProfileNameForDeviceIdentification in url_response version 4.41 and up. This allows you to see the profile name rather than the device ip address in USM.


Baseline_engine_QOS_message queue stucked or sent column "empty"
baseline_engine_QOS_message not working


USM will occasionally show no alarms ICON in groups tree for all groups (all green) and then returns to normal (actual alarm state)
Problem occurs intermittently and regularly every 3-5 minutes and lasts for 3-5 minutes


How to submit an Idea (Feature Request) to the CA UIM User Communities
This article contains the steps needed to submit an 'Idea' to the CA UIM Community Page


How to specify and use wildcards/regex for the logmon probe target file field
logmon target file field allows use of regex and wildcard to parse multiple log files but there are a few caveats


How to configure cdm to ignore specific filesystems, filesystem types or devices
cdm configuration tips and examples for ignoring filesystems, filesystem types or devices/drives


NTP_RESPONSE response time issue
Nimsoft allows the max value for the NTP response time is 9999 ms. So in order to get a 1 min delay we need to set the value as 60000 ms which is not allowed as of now. Changing through "Raw Configure" mode also not updating the required value.


Trellis probe is consuming 30% of the CPU on the primary hub after enable Spectrumgtw probe
Performance is getting impacted when enabling the spectrumgtw probe and Trellis probe is consuming high cpu on primary hub. When the Spectrumgtw was stopped, Trellis ran fine. This problem got resolved in NAS API 8.47.


Spectrumgtw probe is not able to start inventory/alarm synchronization.
USM alarm is not updating in Spectrum one one click view and getting the following log will be logged in spectrumgtw probe log:- Line 114413: Nov 08 2016 17:45:57,665 [twScheduler_Worker-2] ERROR HeartBeatRestImpl - NAS/EMS or Spectrum is down stopping


e2e_appmon Best Practices checklist
e2e_appmon Best Practices checklist items for setting up the e2e machine and recording scripts


How to know which MCS profiles are applied on devices
This is sql query to get MCS profile information with device name.


CDM probe reports incorrect usage stats for a Linux host
The cdm probe reports a higher than actual figure for disk used stats for a given file system. The problem is evident on RHEL 6.x systems.


Error while transferring package to central archive Unable to open file [package name].zip
Unable to edit custom packages or superpackages in the UIM probe archive


How to find the TOP 10 largest tables in your UIM Database
How can I find the TOP 10 largest tables in your UIM Database? This article contains the query to get this information from both Microsoft SQL and MySQL


CPU, Disk and Memory probe (cdm) Technical Brief
Information about CPU, Disk and Memory probe (cdm)

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