CA SDM::. Query to Retrieve analysts that are not members of any groups

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How to Retrieve analysts that are not members of any groups


SELECT        ca_contact.userid, ca_contact.first_name, ca_contact.last_name, acctyp_v2.licensed, acctyp_v2.access_level, acctyp_v2.sym AS access_type
FROM            usp_contact INNER JOIN
                         ca_contact ON usp_contact.contact_uuid = ca_contact.contact_uuid LEFT OUTER JOIN
                         acctyp_v2 ON usp_contact.c_acctyp_id =
WHERE        (acctyp_v2.access_level >= 20) AND (acctyp_v2.licensed = 1) AND (ca_contact.inactive <> 1) AND
                             ((SELECT        COUNT(*) AS Expr1
                                 FROM            grpmem
                                 WHERE        (member = usp_contact.contact_uuid)) = 0)


By Jerome Mayer 




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