How create objects in top_object()

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Now it is very easy to program in the SPEL language by declaring objects instead of using arrays. Here is an example code:


void z_myMethod()
    object zo_obj;
    zo_obj = z_createObject('name', 'daniel', 'age', 39, 'birthday', now());

    printf("Object: '%s'\n", (string) zo_obj);
    printf("# '%s'\n",;
    printf("# '%s'\n", zo_obj.age);
    printf("# '%s'\n", zo_obj.birthday);

object z_createObject(...)
    // Create a object in top_object() context
    // The parameters may be informed in paires


    // Begin
    int zi_i;
    for (zi_i=0; zi_i<argc; zi_i+=2) {
        send_wait(0, this, "call_attr", argv[zi_i], "set_val", argv[zi_i+1]);
    return this;
    // Finish

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