CA ASM (App Synthetic Monitor) - CA UIM integration

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This document provides a guide to enable integration between CA UIM and CA App Synthetic Monitor.
This integration will enable CA UIM to receive data and alarms from CA ASM as well as to create devices in the Unified Service Management (USM) portlet.
The cue_exec probe is written in perl and utilizes the CA ASM API to retrieve, discover and display performance and health statistics from ASM.



1. Import the "cue_exec" probe into the archive and deploy it to a robot that can reach the ASM API.
2. Configure the probe to authenticate with ASM. The API password must be used to access the ASM API. Apply and restart the probe.



Configuration optional keys:

a. Interval: Interval (seconds) that the probe will run the monitor checks. Default is 300 seconds.
b. alarmURL: Disable URL link to access ASM for each alarm. Default is 1 (enabled)
c. inactive_alarm: alarm on monitors that have been deactivated in ASM. Default is no (disabled).


cue_exec probe will record data from "active" and "in error" monitors and skip "inactive" monitors.




ASM monitors should appear in USM.




And QoS should be visible for each ASM Monitor:



You can also use xml list provided to easily consume ASM monitor data:



Supported platforms


Tested on CA UIM 8.47 and 8.5


Known issues

1. If the cloud monitor adheres to a schedule (eg: 9:00-17:00), last queried value will be shown. 

2. Monitors that target services that are associated with dynamic IP addresses will receive multiple entries in UMP for each identified new IP address.




Several teams have been involved in the development/enhancement of this probe: Gijsbert Wiesenekker, Steven Perich, Ryan Jussel, Paul Cesario and Nestor Falcon




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