[OFFICE HOURS TRANSCRIPT] CA Workload Automation DE Office Hours (February 23, 2017)

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Lenn Thompson (CA) : Good morning, everyone. We're going to get started in just a minute. Please remember to use @ when you reply to someone!

Lenn Thompson (CA) : Okay, let's go ahead and get started. What questions do you have for our team of DE experts?

Lenn Thompson (CA) : @Klaus Thanks for joining us. Do you have any questions for the team?

Lenn Thompson (CA) : @Sucheta Thanks for joining. Do you have any questions for the DE team?

Klaus: I am new to WA. Any command line to reset a password for a database plugin if the password have change.

Klaus : Any support for SQL Server 2016

Nitin Pande (CA) : @Klaus, welcome to CA Office hours.  When you say password, you mean the DB schema password?

Klaus : @Nitin The password of the user the plugin run under

Chinni Krishna (CA) : If this an agent user then we can double click on the user and modify the password

Srinivas (CA) : @Klaus with recent CA Workload Automation DE 12.0.01 (R12 SP1) release, we announced supporting SQL Server 2016

Nitin Pande (CA) : @Klaus: In the agent install directory, we have password.sh / password.bat.  You can use that to encrypt the password and paste the encrypted password in agentparm.txt

Klaus : Does it require an agent restart?

Srinivas (CA): @Klaus please visit the docops page on what is new in DE 12.0.01 release. -https://docops.ca.com/ca-workload-automation-de/12-0/en/release-notes/12-0-01/enhancements-and-changes-to-existing-features-in-12-0-01

Klaus : @Srinivas Thanks

Sucheta : Hello Everyone, good morning

Nitin Pande (CA) : @Sucheta: Good Morning and welcome

Sucheta : We recently installed R12 SP1 in test environment

Segun (CA) : @Sucheta Good morning

Srinivas (CA) : @Klaus we do have a web cast presented in last October about highlights of 12.0.01 release and made it available as a video @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pe7M49lB6uo

Sucheta : There are 2 new tables -ESP_CONN_PROFILE_RP and ESP_SECURITY_PROFILE_RP, What are these for?

Klaus : Sorry. I only recently join the WA. Thanks for the info

Sucheta : When will these be populated? I don’t see anything in it post-installation and initial desktop client setup

Srinivas (CA): @Sucheta we have introduced these tables for managing Hadoop Advanced Integration delivered in R12 release

Vickie: gm everyone

Srinivas (CA): @Sucheta from DE R12 release onwards, Customers can also automate their Hadoop workloads as well. We support HDFS, Oozie, PIG, Hive,  Sqoop job types

Sucheta : @Srinivas : Thank you

Segun (CA) : @Sucheta: Welcome. They contain the connection and security profiles information

Segun (CA) : @Sonya: Do you have any questions for the DE team?

Sonya Williams-Harris : Hello everyone!!!!!

Segun (CA) : @Sonya: Hi Sonya

Sonya Williams-Harris : Is the upgrde from  R12 to R12 SP1 quick and easy

Nitin Pande (CA) : @Sonya, we have in place upgrade and you will find it very easy to complete the process

Sonya Williams-Harris : Is an outage needed to upgrade?

Lenn Thompson (CA) : Just a reminder that this session is focused on dSeries Edition (DE). If you have questions about other WLA products, please feel free to ask them in the community.

Srinivas (CA): @Scott thank you for joining. Please do let us know if you have any questions

Sucheta : I have question about the "Applications Update" feature. This is a very useful feature when it comes to bulk update. Will the older version be archived when we make changes application(s) using Applications update?

Nitin Pande (CA) : @Sonya:  Here is a link to the DE upgrade documentation.

Nitin Pande (CA) : https://docops.ca.com/ca-workload-automation-de/12-0/en/installing/upgrading-the-ca-workload-automation-de-server-from-previous-versions/upgrading-the-server-using-migration-method

Sonya Williams-Harris : Thanks Nitin

Srinivas (CA): Hello Everyone, we have sent sprint review demonstration on next Monday, 27th February @ 9 AM EST. Please do plan to attend the session so that you will get to know on what is coming in 12.0.02 (R12 SPS2) release.

Nitin Pande (CA) : @Sonya: Yes, it is highly recommended to back up the DB and DE folder.  Also, when upgrading the DE server, you will need to shut it down.

Scott : We have an event scheduled to run every 15 minutes, is there a way to use a Do Not Schedule parameter with this? Like a specific day or date.

Nitin Pande (CA) : @Sucheta: Only the current version is updated.  So when you update an application, DE will archive the non-updated copy and then update the application.

Chinni Krishna (CA) : @Sucheta Yes. When the Application Update is run then the old version is archived and you can get your older versions of the applications as well

Sucheta : @Nitin, @Chinni Krishna : Thank you

Sucheta : Is there way to limit Custom views to a specific environment?

Segun (CA) : @Scott: Yes, we can use the 'Do not schedule' parameter and specify the day/date.

Scott : @Segun:  does that work in Simulation or just when it actually runs?

Chinni Krishna (CA) : @Sucheta When we say specific environment, do we mean for a specific instance of desktop client or on a specific server ?

Segun (CA) : @Scott: Ye, it does.

Sucheta : @Chinni Krishna :on a specific server connection. Like I am connected to PROD as well as non prod server through desktop client and subscribed Active generations, but in a custom views, I want to limit Failed jobs only for PROD server

Chinni Krishna (CA) : @Sucheta In  custom views we have a filter where we can specify the desktop client connection name to filter

Sucheta : @Thank you John, sure, that's a good idea.

Sucheta : @Chinni Krishna: Thank you, I tried it before, let me check one more time.

Chinni Krishna (CA) : @Sucheta You specify the filter by editing the view and changing it in view configuration

Srinivas (CA): @Sucheta adding to that the Custom View configuration field is SERVER NAME

Chinni Krishna (CA) : @Sucheta The server name here is the desktop client alias for the connection and not the actual server name

Sucheta : @All : Is there any downside of running scheduleallevents CLI command any time? We usually run it after we have issue in the environment/we restart the server etc

Sucheta : But recently we have seen some issues with Next schedule time not getting populated for a new event which runs on fiscal calendar every quarter.

Srinivas (CA): @Sucheta We advise Customers to run scheduleallevents when Calendar updated. If there are no changes in even definitions/schedules then no need to issue this command. Becuase it creates a overhead on DE to recalculate schedules...

Srinivas (CA): @Sucheta in case if you know any specific event schedules updated then you can mention those events as input too to the Scheduleallevents command

Srinivas (CA): @Sucheta if you see for any event, NEXT SCHEDULED TIME is not calculated then those Events are good candidates to mention

Srinivas (CA): @Sucheta in what DE release you are in production?

Sucheta : Will running scheduleallevents for all events affect existing event's Next scheduled time?

Sucheta : @Srinivas : We are DE 11.3 SP3 server

Sucheta : build_1406

Srinivas (CA): @Sucheta why asked this question is that we have introduced a new attribute 'reevaluateschedules' to scheduleallevevnts command in latest R11.3 Sp3 patch and 12.0.01 patch published

Srinivas (CA): @Sucheta Any Calendar definition updated event, needs the attribute 'reevaluateschedules' to consiuder updated special days to be reflected. More details are at https://docops.ca.com/ca-workload-automation-de/11-3-3/en/reference/command-line-interface-cli/events-cli-commands/scheduleallevents-commandreschedule-events

Lenn Thompson (CA) : @Everyone We have just a few minutes left in today's session. Are there any last-minute questions?

Sucheta : @Srinivas : Thank you , will check the details at link shared

Srinivas (CA): @Sucheta we have problem record 250 & 251. the patch 1414 build R11.3 Sp3 contains 'reevaluateschedules' attribute supported.

Sucheta : Is there any way to pull Next scheduled time values for scheduled events?

Sucheta : @Srinivas : Thank you, will check about it and plan for upgrade to next server build/version

Srinivas (CA): @Sucheta It is only from Desktop Client Services --> Events view UI

Sucheta : ok, Thank you Srinivas

Sucheta : Thank you everyone

Segun (CA) : @Sucheta: The latest DE 11.3 SP3 Build 1432 https://support.ca.com/irj/portal/solncdndtls?aparNo=RO93892&os=ANY&fc=4&actionID=3

Srinivas (CA): @Sucheta we recommend you to update the latest patch 1432 R11.3 Sp3

Sucheta : @Segun: Awesome, thank you

Lenn Thompson (CA) : Thank you for joining us this month, everyone. Our next DE office hours session will be Aprili 27!

Lenn Thompson (CA) : If you have any other questions, please go out to the community and ask them!