Tech Tip: Why alarms reposted by an AO rule that has action mode "on overdue age" drop the "event_type" information?

Document created by Marco_Ippati Employee on Mar 7, 2017
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Last Modified Date:  03/07/2017
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When an alarm is reposted by an Auto Operator nas rule that has 'action mode' set to "overdue age" it will not include the 'event_type" field in the reposted udata, while if the same alarm is reposted "on arrival", it will include the "event_type" information.

Is this the expected behavior?



UIM 7.x 8.x.x

Yes, this is working as designed.

For the action mode 'on_overdue', the alarm is being fetched from NAS_ALARMS directly and it doesn’t read in the event_type.  The reason for this is because the NAS_ALARMS only stores the latest event_type so if some other auto-operator performed an action on the alarm, the event_type might no longer be what it was that triggered the on_overdue timer to start.

For the action mode 'on_arrival' instead , the alarm is coming directly from NAS_EVENTS which is populated from NAS_ALARMS by a database trigger. 

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