DevTest & TDM Office Hours Transcript  - March 2017

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Chat transcript from CA DevTest & TDM Office Hours: A Live Online Chat (March 2017)  which took place on March 16, 2017.


Melanie Giuliani to Everyone: welcome everyone and thank you for joining office hours!

Koustubh Warty to Everyone: Excited to be here!

Melanie Giuliani to Everyone: Hi all - Our experts are here and ready to answer any questions you have! We're focusing on upgrades today, but any and all product questions welcome here!

Gary Jones to Everyone: Hello, We are in the processing of upgrading from DevTest 8.5 to 9.5.  Is there a process for testing services before performing the upgrade so we can have an idea that the services will work on 9.5? The server is linux 6.6

Koustubh Warty to Everyone: @Gary: All your VS running in 8.5 should work without any changes once you upgrade to 9.5.

Gary Jones to Everyone: Thanks @Koustubh, Is there a reason we should back up the 8.5 instance to revert back to just in case?

Koustubh Warty to Everyone: @Gary: Also it depends on whether you do an in-place upgrade or a fresh installation. For an in-place upgrade, once you start the VSE, your Services should start and function as before. For a new installation, you would copy the VSEDeploy folder from the older install to the new install and on VSE startup your services should work just fine

Koustubh Warty to Everyone: @Gary: The best practice is to always copy/backup the entire DevTest folder just in case. Same with the database. Before upgrade, backup your database as well.

Salvatore Pilo to Everyone: Did you know there is an Upgrade Center in the DevTest communities that provides guidance on Upgrades for both DevTest and TDM ?  

For DevTest:  

For TDM:    

Balamurugan to Everyone: how to specify the dataprotocol in serviceproperties.xml while creating the virtual service via LISA invoke API for creatSerive

Balamurugan to Everyone: is it possible to create the DDVS using creatService inovke API

Koustubh Warty to Everyone: @Balamurugan: Are you referring to the Invoke 2 (REST API)?

Balamurugan to Everyone: @Koustubh: yes

Koustubh Warty to Everyone: @Balamurugan: If so, the input to CreateService call is only a zip that contains RR pairs which is the HTTP protocol

Melanie Giuliani to Everyone: @all - Check out this document on Overcoming Early Stage Challenges for Test Data in Development and Testing with CA Service Virtualization

 Melanie Giuliani to Everyone: @all - on the topic of upgrades, here's the GA announcement for our latest DevTest release, 10.0, where you can learn more about new features and highlights of this release :

Balamurugan to Everyone: @Koustubh: after the service created in the VSE, we are not able see that service in manage virtual service tab @ devtest portal

Koustubh Warty to Everyone: @Balamurugan: what version of DevTest is this?

Koustubh Warty to Everyone: @Balamurugan:You are correct. We had that issue - I think that was fixed in 9.1 . Let me confirm that for you

Balamurugan to Everyone: @Koustubh: thanks

Koustubh Warty to Everyone: @Balamurugan: you are welcome

Gary Jones to Everyone: Are features still being added to the Portal?  It's been a huge task to try and get the DevTest Workstation client upgraded on all machines

Koustubh Warty to Everyone: @Gary: yes features are still being added to the Portal.

Gary Jones to Everyone: @Koustubh Thanks

Balamurugan to Everyone:  is it possible to create the VS/Test mar file through program without using the makemar utility?

Balamurugan to Everyone: how to get the testexecution results, if we execute the testsuite/testcase mar via lisa invoke 2 REST API?

Balamurugan to Everyone: as of now we are only getting mar posted status, but acutually we need the test execution reslults? like the older lisa invoke api

Koustubh Warty to Everyone: @Balamurugan: The results of all test execution can be seen in the Reporting Console inside the DevTest Portal. You can select your test and get a graph as well as metrics based on the execution of the tests

Balamurugan to Everyone: @Koutubh: acutually we have the jenkins job will take testsuite mar and deploy into

Koustubh Warty to Everyone: @Balamurugan: The way the Invoke 1 and Invoke 2 APIs work are different. In Invoke 1 you could specify the test names/Suite names directly which is not the case in Invoke 2

Surya Anil Kumar Suravarapu to Everyone: @Balamurugan: you can also create the mar files through the workstation once you create a marinfo file (explicit creation). You also have implicit mar creation where the mar gets generated automatically when you stage a test or test suite or deploy a VS

Balamurugan to Everyone: @Koustubh/@Surya: Coordinator service, as part of jenkins job result we are looking for lisa execution report.

jared to Everyone: Do you have any material on integrating generated data from TDM into a virtualized service?

Walter Guerrero to Everyone: @jared, please follow this link:   

Walter Guerrero to Everyone: @jared, here is a more detailed explanation about the integration between TDM and SV:  

Donald Gall to Everyone: @jared - here is another video on how to update a VS with RR Pairs from TDM:  

Monalisa Nayak to Everyone: HI - I am service Virtualization consultant. and I have no idea on how TDM functions. SO was willing to get some brief info or short demo on how it works. we are seeing a possibility of a TDM solution in current project

Premalatha Gadde to Everyone: @Monalisa - Please see the WebEx replay from the community post WebEx shows how the DevTest and TDM works.

Monalisa Nayak to Everyone: @Prema - Thanks much.. I will have a look .. DO we have a trial version of TDM?

Salvatore Pilo to Everyone: @Monalisa:  Unfortunately we do not have a TDM trial version yet but there are plans for one.  Please stand by for some links to TDM content..

Premalatha Gadde to Everyone: @Monalisa - If they reach out to your CA Account Manager, they will be able to provide more information about the TDM trial license.

Monalisa Nayak to Everyone: okay Thanks

Balamurugan to Everyone: how to specify the dataprotocol in serviceproperties.xml while creating the virtual service via LISA invoke API for creatSerive

Surya Anil Kumar Suravarapu to Everyone: @Balamurugan: If you are using invoke2.0 and using deployMar action, it will return the test status..

Surya Anil Kumar Suravarapu to Everyone: @balamurugan.. In addition to that, you can always look into the reports for the test execution in portal, which will provide detailed results, depending on the report type you are using.

Salvatore Pilo to Everyone: @Monalisa: Please visit our CA TDM homesite which has a lot of great material on TDM.  We also have these links you can review and share…   

Salvatore Pilo to Everyone: @Monalisa: Additional TDM material on the CA site -

Monalisa Nayak to Everyone: Awseome Thanks @Salvatore , could please also share link to the CA TDM homesite.

Melanie Giuliani to Everyone: @Monalisa - this was the homesite @Sal was referring to :

Melanie Giuliani to Everyone: @monalisa - you can also check out some of the content on the TDM section of our community:

Monalisa Nayak to Everyone: Okay Thanks @Melanie - I am lucky I stumbled upon your meeting email. I will go through the links, and will join further sessions on similar regard.

Melanie Giuliani to Everyone: @Monalisa - awesome, glad to hear!

Premalatha Gadde to Everyone: @Balamurugan: When the VS is deployed to VSE, it will not be shown under Manage Virtual Services. To see it, you nheed to add the MAR file to the specific project in Portal.

Balamurugan to Everyone: @Premalatha: which mar file you are refering? if we use createService API , we input only zip file right

Premalatha Gadde to Everyone: @Balamurugan: Virtual service MAR file, which you deployed to VSE

Balamurugan to Everyone: @Premalatha: we are using zip file to create virtual service

Premalatha Gadde to Everyone: @Balamurugan: If you have used API and creted service/deployed then you can download MAR from Portal and then add it to specific project.

Balamurugan to Everyone: @Premalatha: Thanks

Surya Anil Kumar Suravarapu to Everyone: @Balamurugan.. When creating virtual service from request / response pairs, it is assumed that the service is created using HTTP protocol handler You can mention the protocol details under the protocol section.

Melanie Giuliani to Everyone: @all - that's it for today. thank you so much everyone who joined and thanks to our product experts for answering all the questions. the transcript of today's session will be posted to the DevTest community later today

Gary Jones to Everyone: Thanks for hosting and answering questions!

jared to Everyone: @balamarugan @koustubh @Walter @Monalisa - thanks for your help on TDM/SV integration today.  appreciated your responses, will give us some info to read through

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