Tech Tip: Access Gateway (formerly Secure Proxy Server) - Links to useful articles

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Ag Access Gateway (formerly known as SPS/Secure Proxy Server) useful links:




This list is a little old, but was one I was building up for useful Access Gateway / SPS articles - my intention is to keep updating the links to useful Ag articles.  Please feel free to add in the comments any other links, and I will then update the main article to include them.

(btw, my bad memory for acronyms really shows below, when SPS became Ag, Access Gateway (Ag) I kept calling it Agent Gateway for some time - I will fix those references up over time)  


Articles : 



Tech Tip: How to change log4j format to show threadid (for Ag/SPS httpclient.log) 



Tech Tip : Howto enable Tracing in Access Gateway (fka: Secure Proxy Server) 



 TechTip - Configure Agent Gateway/SPS to avoid one bad back-end taking down all AG/SPS traffic. 

TechTip: Testing Solution to Agent Gateway/SPS with one bad back-end 



Tech Tip : CA Single Sign-On :CA Access Gateway : How to protect Auth/Az Web services with Basic Authentication 



Tech Tip : CA Single Sign-On :CA Access Gateway : Redirect Response with Auth/Az Web services 


1st-Oct-2016:  (running own jsp/war file on SPS) 



Troubleshooting CA Access Gateway startup issues 



Debugging Java via JMX Console in CA Access Gateway (CA Secure Proxy Server) 

Adding X-Forwarded-For header to CA Access Gateway (CA Secure Proxy Server) 



Upgrade CA Secure Proxy Server proxy-engine to 64bit   (delivered in Ag R12.6)

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