Tech Tips: Running a Selenium Test from a DevTest 9.5.1 Portal running on Linux

Document created by MarcyNunns Employee on Apr 19, 2017
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These are the steps I did to run a Selenium test from a DevTest 9.5.1 Portal running on Linux.  This is just an example to show how it is done.  The GUI interface to use is up to you.


I am using TightVNC viewer for this example.  Any Linux desktop viewer can be used.


Software installed:

  • TightVNC Viewer installed on my Windows 7 64-bit client machine.
  • Vncserver installed on my Linux Redhat 64-bit server machine and running.
  • Firefox 38.0.6 installed on Linux machine.
  • DevTest 9.5.1 Server installed on my client Windows machine.
  • DevTest 9.5.1 Server installed on my server Linux machine.
  • Copied $LISA_HOME/examples to $LISA_HOME/Projects



  • I logon with TightVNC Viewer.
  • My Linux Desktop comes up.
  • Open a Terminal from the Desktop to setup your display.
  • I setup DISPLAY for my Desktop. Tested with xclock to make sure the DISPLAY environment variable is set properly.
  • Start the DevTest Services after you set your DISPLAY.
  • cd /opt/CA/DevTest9.5.1/bin
  • Started the DevTest services in this order:

./EnterpriseDashboardService start
./RegistryService start
./BrokerService start
./PortalService start
./CoordinatorService start
./SimulatorService start

  • Since I am using the DemoServer for my test, I need to set that up:
    • export LISA_JAVA_HOME=/opt/CA/DevTest9.5.1/jre
    • export JAVA_HOME=/opt/CA/DevTest9.5.1/jre
    • export PATH=$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH
    • Now kick off my DemoServer:
    • cd /opt/CA/DevTest9.5.1/DemoServer/lisa-demo-server
    • ./
  • Bring up Firefox browser and verify your version. 
  • Bring up the Portal and login.
  • Set your current Project.
  • Go to Manage -> Tests. Scroll down to your test case. I am running multi-tier-combo-selenium. Then Run.
  • My Firefox Browser comes up and runs through LISA Bank:  My test case Passed.
  • I want to also view my test from a browser on my Windows machine: I can see a screenshot of my test step that has a browser.
  • Now I want to run my test case again, but this time from my Windows browser. The Firefox browser will not display on my windows machine, but it comes up from my Linux machine TighVNC Viewer desktop.
  • I have not tested with Chrome, only Firefox. Internet Explorer is not supported on Linux.
  • This can also be run headless, but you still need a browser installed to capture the webpages.


You can follow these same steps for the supported versions of DevTest.

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