The Knowledge Documentation Matrix (CA Single Sign-On)

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ComponentsDocument IDTitle
Web AgentTEC1701466The sequence of Cookie Provider structure in use of Form Authentication.
TEC1698396About DisAllowUTF8NonCanonical in ACO parameter.
TEC1378153WebAgent reject encoded request contained "%c0" in URL.
TEC1089812About detail of Shared Secret between WebAgent and Policy Server.
TEC1421423LLAWP process is buggy after executed kill -9 command
TEC1355714Configure WebAgent for Apache multiple virtual hosts
TEC1126024Behavior of Form authentication when login_sample.fcc exists
TEC1763229secureURLs can not encode hash(#) string.
TEC1001487The sequence of communication between WebAgent and Policy Server.
TEC1282269NAT between Web Agent and the policy server
TEC1260725Which work should be implemented first, upgrade and domain modification?
TEC1842221Two ways to log off a user
TEC1543943The sequence of Kerberos Authentication.
TEC1741646msvcp71.dll and msvcr71.dll files deleted from system32 on SEP upgrade
TEC1740627WebAgent for IIS 10 on Windows 2016 server
Policy ServerTEC1376291About SQL schema in case of Authenticating user.
TEC1246825About the content of messages when XPSImport is executed.
TEC1819671No error message when Agent Key Rollover is executed.
TEC1231149ServeletExec modules are still contained in Policy Server r12.6 unexpectedly.
TEC1557106Product design of Agent Keys Roll Over.
TEC1701486How to specify multiple pairs of method and URI to the ACO parameter OverlookSessionforMethodURI
TEC1991177Policy Server does not fail back properly.
TEC1428697Multiple log files are created at the time (00:00) of rotating audit logs
TEC1857012What Encryption Scheme, Padding Scheme and Block cipher modes of operation are used in partnership federation in Single Sign-On ?
TEC1210052Performance Impact of Password Policy settings
TEC1176053Is it require to reboot Policy Server for failover of ODBC data source?
TEC1011896"Duplicate entry detected" and "Failed to create key" ERRORS (i.e. ObjectCalss=xpsKey)
TEC1792227The meaning of file descriptors messages in smps.log.
TEC1730901On Linux, running the command "smpolicysrv -stats" returns "The specified server is not currently running."
TEC1811125The difference of "ADD" and "Merge" in Policy Store Data.
TEC1923646When it exceeds the number of max connections, what log is outputted in WebAgnet or Policy Server?
TEC1264328Configuration of Federation between CA Single Sign-On and Salesforce
TEC1748851The meaning of "stale objects" in Policy Store
TEC1842599The parameter got by InstallAnyware for Policy Server
Administrative UITEC1524751JBoss physical memory is growing.
TEC1392185About "Flush All" command in AdminUI.
TEC1385076Encountered service.bat error.
TEC1319367Can't stop AdminUI service properly.
TEC1544737About taskpersistence folder under derby folder.
TEC1047662AdminUI on Linux creates a directory "iam" and a file "workflow.log" under the working directory.
TEC1933309When AdminUI is started, does that two or more process names "Java.exe" start happen?
CA Access Gateway (SPS)TEC1634494Another option to resolve the proxyui error "Error: Exception User might not have required permissions to get group information". (Additional information to TEC1304259)
TEC1177594Unable to access to SPS proxy UI
FederationTEC1203912Authentication URL (SAML 2.0) for Legacy Federation
TEC1463162Time-out in Federation
AllTEC1517326Is there any impact on CA Single Sign-On when Japanese era name changed?
TEC1172131 Compatibility between versions of Single Sign-On products