The Knowledge Documentation Matrix (CA Single Sign-On)

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ComponentsDocument IDTitleLast Modified Date
Web AgentTEC1701466The sequence of Cookie Provider structure in use of Form Authentication.07/15/2016
TEC1698396About DisAllowUTF8NonCanonical in ACO parameter.07/22/2016
TEC1378153WebAgent reject encoded request contained "%c0" in URL.09/05/2016
TEC1089812About detail of Shared Secret between WebAgent and Policy Server.09/07/2016
TEC1421423LLAWP process is buggy after executed kill -9 command10/06/2016
TEC1355714Configure WebAgent for Apache multiple virtual hosts10/06/2016
TEC1126024Behavior of Form authentication when login_sample.fcc exists04/07/2017
TEC1763229secureURLs can not encode hash(#) string.04/25/2017
TEC1001487The sequence of communication between WebAgent and Policy Server.04/19/2017
TEC1282269NAT between Web Agent and the policy server07/15/2016
TEC1260725Which work should be implemented first, upgrade and domain modification?08/26/2016
TEC1842221Two ways to log off a user06/09/2017
TEC1543943The sequence of Kerberos Authentication.06/27/2017
Policy ServerTEC1376291About SQL schema in case of Authenticating user.07/12/2016
TEC1246825About the content of messages when XPSImport is executed.09/12/2016
TEC1819671No error message when Agent Key Rollover is executed.11/15/2016
TEC1231149ServeletExec modules are still contained in Policy Server r12.6 unexpectedly.01/18/2017
TEC1557106Product design of Agent Keys Roll Over.01/31/2017
TEC1701486How to specify multiple pairs of method and URI to the ACO parameter OverlookSessionforMethodURI04/06/2017
TEC1991177Policy Server does not fail back properly.04/25/2017
TEC1428697Multiple log files are created at the time (00:00) of rotating audit logs04/25/2017
TEC1857012What Encryption Scheme, Padding Scheme and Block cipher modes of operation are used in partnership federation in Single Sign-On ?08/02/2016
TEC1210052Performance Impact of Password Policy settings10/03/2016
TEC1176053Is it require to reboot Policy Server for failover of ODBC data source?10/05/2016
TEC1011896"Duplicate entry detected" and "Failed to create key" ERRORS (i.e. ObjectCalss=xpsKey)05/18/2017
TEC1792227The meaning of file descriptors messages in smps.log.05/25/2017
TEC1730901On Linux, running the command "smpolicysrv -stats" returns "The specified server is not currently running."05/31/2017
TEC1811125The difference of "ADD" and "Merge" in Policy Store Data.06/20/2017
Administrative UITEC1524751JBoss physical memory is growing.07/12/2016
TEC1392185About "Flush All" command in AdminUI.07/13/2016
TEC1385076Encountered service.bat error.09/05/2016
TEC1319367Can't stop AdminUI service properly.09/05/2016
TEC1544737About taskpersistence folder under derby folder.09/14/2016
TEC1047662AdminUI on Linux creates a directory "iam" and a file "workflow.log" under the working directory.03/16/2017
TEC1933309When AdminUI is started, does that two or more process names "Java.exe" start happen?02/14/2017
CA Access Gateway (SPS)TEC1634494Another option to resolve the proxyui error "Error: Exception User might not have required permissions to get group information". (Additional information to TEC1304259)05/01/2017
FederationTEC1203912Authentication URL (SAML 2.0) for Legacy Federation03/15/2017
TEC1463162Time-out in Federation08/02/2016
AllTEC1517326Is there any impact on CA Single Sign-On when Japanese era name changed?


TEC1172131 Compatibility between versions of Single Sign-On products