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Did you know CA PPM has Cost and Budget Plan updates to the Data Warehouse? We'll cover a few of those details today and share two useful tricks: how to get rid of commas in portlets and how to find the "System Value for Total Cost of Capital" schema.


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1. "System Value for Total Cost of Capital" Schema


2. DWH Includes Cost & Budget Plans


3. Hide Comma in Portlet Number Columns




Is the "System Value for Total Cost of Capital" stored in a table in PPM? I’ve looked around, but it looks like a virtual field. Only the “Override Value for Total Cost of Capital” is stored in FIN_FINANCIALS.






What version of CA PPM includes the update to the DWH with cost and budget plans?


The 15.1 release has the Data Warehouse Options Update.

Here are notes on the Administration Change.
Include Only Financial Plan of Record
Specifies whether to include all financial plans (cost plans, budget plans, and benefit plans) or only the current budget plan and the cost plan of record in the Data Warehouse. Out-of-the-box, only the current budget plan, the cost plan of record, and associated benefit plans are included in the Data Warehouse. To report on only the current budget plan or the cost plan of record, keep the option selected. To compare previous plans with current plans on investments, unselect this option. Unchecking this option can impact the Data Warehouse performance. You may notice a significant difference in the load time for large data sets.




How do you hide the comma in a portlet's number column? I've unchecked "show separator," published the portlets, and cleared the caches. What am I missing?

The workaround is to convert the column to string, and use it in the portlet.


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