Tech Tip - CA Privileged Identity Manager: Increase Search Limits for SAM Searches

Document created by Renato_Pioker Employee on May 3, 2017Last modified by Renato_Pioker Employee on May 3, 2017
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The search results on SAM (Shared Accounts Management) screens are configurable. You can increase the results obtained in the query by applying the following modification:
1) Enable IM console:
- Stop JBoss service
- Edit the file <JBoss>/server/default/deploy/IdentityMinder.ear/IdentityMinder.ear/management_console.war/WEB-INF/WEB-INF/web.xml
- Locate the "AccessFilter" section and change the <param-value> from False to True, then save and close the file.
- Start JBoss service
2) Access IM console:
- Access to: http://SERVERNAME:PORT/idmmanage
- Go to Home > Environments > ac-env > Advanced Settings > Miscellaneous > Edit the fields labeled "...SearchSizeLimit" accordingly to your needs. Please keep in mind that this may impact the overall system performance.
- After this restart JBoss for the changes to take place.