Service Desk Manager versions, patchs and codenames

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Hi everyone,


I don't know about you, but I'm always confused when I have to identify what Cumulative Patch is installed in our Service Desk instances. The About menu in web interface doesn't help, giving only a sort of 'codename' like "tus-110" or "hmp-140". And looking in .HIS file is too much time-wasting, having to log in the server, navigate into folders, opening the file and identifying which RO patch is the last Cumulative Patch. So, I made this table below (don't know if someone already did this, I didn't check) for helping to identify a SDM version and patch faster.


I don't have info about all versions and patches, so feel free to fill up the missing information, correct the current info or add new versions and patches!


SDM Version/PatchCodename (seen in About menu)Release DateAssociated PTFs
12.7 (CP1)?????March 24th, 2014RO55567
12.7 (CP2)?????March 24th, 2014RO68585 + RO68594
12.9dtn-442 (daytona)n/a
12.9 (CP1)?????August 4th, 2014RO72246 + RO72249
14.1 (no patch)phx-??? (phoenix)n/a
14.1.01 (CP1)sfe-71 (santafe)April 15th, 2015RO80230 + RO80229
14.1.02 (CP2)tus-110 (tucson)November 11th, 2015RO86281
14.1.03 (CP3 + xFlow)hmp-140 (hampi)June 19th, 2016RO90566 (xFlow Patch)n/aOctober 19th, 2016RO92601 (xFlow Patch)n/aDecember 9th, 2016RO93457
14.1.04 (CP4)hmp-181 (hampi)July 5th, 2017RO96941 (hampi)September 20th, 2017RO98013

14.1.05 (CP5)

hmp-224 (hampi)March 28th, 2018SO01140
17.0alb-205 (albany)n/a
17.1goa-167 (goa)n/a


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