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Could you use a list of all the Project Status display values? We'll cover that today, along with with two Cost Plan tricks . . . one will help you tweak the Action drop-down and the other will resolve an issue some people see when they use Location in a cost plan.


Please feel free to comment on any alternative answers you've found. At Rego, we always love your input. 


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1. Project Status Values

2. TRICK: Cost Plan—Actions Drop-Down

3. Cost Plans with Location as a grouping



What are the display values for Project Status? A few of our projects aren't displaying “On Hold.”  

Check the "Set Planned Cost Dates." This usually happens when the project start date is before the planned cost start date.  If you sync these back up (either manually or with the checkbox), it should show On Hold. For example, set the Budget Cost Start and Budget Cost Finish dates to match your project Start/Finish, and you should be able to see On Hold. 

1. When the project is created, it is given a default status of 'Unapproved'.
2. If a project is Unapproved, the end-user can change it to 'Approved' or 'Rejected'.
3. If a project is 'Approved' and has a Progress of 'Not Started', then the status can only be changed back to 'Unapproved' or 'Rejected'.
4. If a project, without a simple budget, is 'Approved' and has a Progress of 'Started', then the status can only be changed back to 'Unapproved' or to 'Canceled'.
5. If a project is 'Cancelled' and has a Progress of 'Started', then the status can only be changed back to 'Approved' or to 'Resumed'.
6. A project, with a simple budget, can only be changed to 'On Hold' if it has a Progress of 'Started' and the current date falls between the Budgeted Cost Start date and the Budgeted Cost Finish date.


                                                                 TRICK: Cost Plan—Actions Drop-Down

I bumped into an interesting cost plan issue today that I thought warranted a general communication.  

As background, we created a basic custom process that calculates / refreshes a set of custom financial metrics located on the cost plan list view.  Since we can't trigger a cost plan-based process from the detail sub-object (e.g., upon update of a detail record), we were forced to create a custom action that the PM could select from the cost plan list Action drop-down.  A bit manual, but works great.  

The bug we found is related to the addition of that new action to the General section of the Action drop-down menu.  In doing so, it hides the existing actions: Submit POR for Approval, Populate from Investment Team, Populate from Staff Assignments. The only way I've found to restore these options to the drop-down is to restore defaults for all cost plan views.  Ugly.

The trick is to add any new action to its own new section in the Action drop-down. This preserves the existing options. If you miss this step, you might be looking at the reapplication of all your cost plan view modifications.


After adding new action:

After restoring view defaults, reapplying view modifications, and creating new section:

Hope this saves some folks a few headaches. 




We use cost plan groupings (Charge Code, Location, Transaction Class), and generate cost plans from task assignments. We use transaction entry for actuals (from SAP).
Our planned costs come in from task assignments with resource locations. 

·         Capital                  US                          Hardware                            $1000  planned                  $3000 actuals

·         Capital                  Europe                   Hardware                            $2000  planned
But when our actuals come in from transactions, all the actual cost goes to the project location, and not the resource location, like above.
Is this design behavior or a bug?
In the Financial WIP Settings, you can select Project, Client, or Resource source for location. Try changing the Location to Resource.


On the Entity Properties > Defaults > Labor, make sure Source Location is either Resource or Project.




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