DevTest & TDM Office Hours Transcript - May 2017

Document created by Melanie_Giuliani Employee on May 25, 2017
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Chat transcript of CA DevTest & TDM Office Hours: A Live Online Chat (May 2017) which took place on May 25, 2017.


Melanie Giuliani to everyone: Hi everyone welcome to our DevTest & TDM Office Hours

Melanie Giuliani to everyone: Please start asking any questions you have - our experts are standing by

Raju Devolla to everyone: let me start asking question.. this is regarding multi select variable in test matching

Raju Devolla to everyone: how to deal with mutli select variable in data pool while publishing to test match data pool

Donald Gall to everyone: @Raju -  are you referring to a drop down variable within the data pool?

Raju Devolla to everyone: @Donald, yes

Raju Devolla to everyone: @Donald ..there is multi select drop variable ..this variable results values to data pool as comma separated

Raju Devolla to everyone: @Donald, we can't send directly like this to test match data pool as where clause will become invalid.

Donald Gall to everyone: @Raju - do you have an issue open for this with Support? 

Raju Devolla to everyone: @Donald..Yes but i asked this question here as it is more technical.

Raju Devolla to everyone: @Donald. if you need more time i am fine to wait ...

Donald Gall to everyone: @Raju - yes researching....

Melanie Giuliani to everyone: @all - don't miss our community webcast on vTDM, which will have a live demo and Q&A session:

Koustubh Warty to everyone: For you all using DevTest - have you looked at our Upgrade Center page that has a bunch of resources on the logistics around upgrading DevTest -

Srini to everyone: Can the generated test cases from ARD be exported to a spreadsheet?

Taylor Gill to everyone: @Srini - yes, this is possible. We are looking for documentation on that and will link it here

Taylor Gill to everyone: @Srini - The general Excel exporter permits users to export diagrams and stored path elements into a user-defined format, via a specified template. This template is an XLSX file, which contains key words corresponding to elements within CA Agile Requirements Designer.  

Taylor Gill to everyone: @Srini - More on what can be exported and imported with ARD:  

Raju Devolla to everyone: this is not technical question but on feature.. why can't we have test data from test match in a excel instead of  html?

Melanie Giuliani to everyone: @Raju - on your question on test data in excel, this is a product roadmap question. i would definitely suggest you create an idea on that in the community for product management to review befoer our next release:   

Raju Devolla to everyone: @Giuliani i suppose i already created same need to see the link for it..

Melanie Giuliani to everyone: @Raju send the link, maybe people on the webex will want to vote on it!

Melanie Giuliani to everyone: @Raju – you can also create an enhancement request:   

Raju Devolla to everyone: @Giuliani i will create a enhancement

Raju Devolla to everyone: @Everyone @Giuliani.. here is my idea regarding exporting to excel from TDOD

Raju Devolla to everyone: May i knkow any documenation on migrating Data maker from one server to other? Both are SQL only ? is it just database migration or do we need to do any other actions to be done?

 Donald Gall to everyone: @Raju - you want to migrate the entire DB from one SQL server to another and the TDM server will stay the same, right?

Les Dover to everyone: @ Raju - have you taken a look here?  

Raju Devolla to everyone: @Les that is remote repository .. i want to migrate complete database to be used in another machine

Donald Gall to everyone: @Raju - you will need to first ensure all connections/access to the Repository are closed, ie. no one has a Client open, and/or the Portal Service is shutdown - then you will need to get a DBA, if you don't have access, to take the Repository (i.e. GTREP) offline, then copy the *.MDF and *.LDF files over to the new SQL server and reattach them to the new SQLserver.....the next step is to create a new Repo Profile to connect Datamaker clients to it, as well as updating the file for the Portal

Raju Devolla to everyone: @Donald .. thanks for inputs

Raju Devolla to everyone: @@Giuliani- shall we get transcript of this chat .. or shall i save all links i need..

Melanie Giuliani to everyone: @Raju - yes i'll post a transcript of this to the DevTest community later today

Raju Devolla to everyone: @Donald--i have similar approach wanted to confirm with you as well.. we will delete database in old server

Donald Gall to everyone: @Raju – feel free to send me an email if you want to discuss further

Raju Devolla to everyone: @Donald.. sure i will get in touch with you if required during migration ..

Srini to everyone: We would to have an option from TDM portal to execute the Javelin flows independently for different variables

Donald Gall to everyone: @Srini - hi, this question sounds familiar, didn't we discuss this before during a Support Issue?

Srini to everyone: Yes Don. Currently, this functionality is not available on TDM portal and it would be good to have

Melanie Giuliani to everyone: @Srini - thanks for the suggestion! i would definitely recommend you post an idea in the community on this or create an enhancement request

Raju Devolla to everyone: can we generate test data using APIs..? i mean i would like to use this in my automation framework .will that be possible?

Donald Gall to everyone: @Raju - yes there are APIs available to execute the publishing of Test Data

Raju Devolla to everyone: @Donald.. good..i will try use them  recently read about them

Donald Gall to everyone: @Raju - here is a link to our docops for available APIs -  

chandra to everyone: I have a question on the memory allocation other than the vmoption files. while running any performance or load test using very basic 256 sim vu, memory gets filled up and see a lot of jproc files and servers get hanged. Any remedy that you suggest?

Koustubh Warty to everyone: @Chandra - how much memory is allocated to it?

chandra to everyone: @Koustubh even 8 g in vm options looks less. servers run on 12g for now Most of the time we run using Test runner, allocating for it also don’t make any difference

Koustubh Warty to everyone: @Chandra, ok. What version of devtest?

chandra to everyone: @Koustubh, 9.51. Had same issue with 7.1, 7.5, 8.01 and 9.50

Koustubh Warty to everyone: @Chandra. what kind of tests are you running?

chandra to everyone: @Koustubh - testing demands were less so we distributed. Service, DB and MQ based

Les Dover to everyone: @Chandra - how large are the payloads?  10K, 100K, 1 MB, 20MB??

chandra to everyone: @Les, It depends. we never sized them....but they shuld be from 200k to 10 MB depending on data extraction

chandra to everyone: @Les - We also checked on long running threatds or any unclosed connections, but with new 9.51 most them looks resolved, but memory issue still lingers

Les Dover to everyone: @Chandra - Is there any reason you cannot split this over multiple simulator servers?

Koustubh Warty to everyone: @Chandra - also it it individual tests you are running or suites? If tests then how many at a time and if suites how many tests in a suite and how many suites at a time?

chandra to everyone: @Koustubh - A team of 10 running test simultenuously brings it to knees in know time

chandra to everyone: @Les We currently have 2 sims each on different servers. 5 -10 depending on the suite

Koustubh Warty to everyone: @Chandra, ok and is it 1 suite at a time or multiple suites that are run?

chandra to everyone: @Koustubh - Well that depends too. if we are running on server we expect multiple suites to run

Koustubh Warty to everyone: @Chandra, ok got it. Reporting is OOTB reporting for both functional and performance? and any custom scripts that you are using?

chandra to everyone: @Koustubh, Can u elaborate on OOTB and custom scripts

Koustubh Warty to everyone: @Chandra - say as an example - some code within the .tst which makes calls externally to get data for a step? using say BeanShell

Melanie Giuliani to everyone: @Chandra - we're just about out of time here, so I'm not sure we'll be able to get to the bottom of this before the end of the session. I would definitely recommend you open a Support Ticket or ask this question out on the communities where we can dedicate more time to it.

Daniel Mazzei to everyone: @Chandra: Please let us know the Support Ticket number so we can follow along and get you the support you need.

Melanie Giuliani to everyone: @All - we're just about at the top of the hour, so we're going to close out for questions now. Thank you so much to everyone for joining

chandra to everyone: Thanks a lot