Help. People keep changing my project's sub-projects! Learn with Rego

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Have you ever opened up Clarity and found things awry? Maybe someone changed your project hierarchy? Today's Learn with Rego helps you sleuth out the person responsible and block some of the others.


Please feel free to comment on any alternative answers you've found. At Rego, we always love your input. 


Learn with Rego | Q&A


1. Who changed the calculation on this attribute?

2. Help. People keep changing my project's sub-projects! 

3. Who initiated that Process?



How can you find out who changed the calculation on an attribute, like the one below?


You can do a SQL trace with the following query:

select  oca.*, ofe.expression aggregated_filter
        from    odf_custom_attributes oca left outer join odf_filter_expressions ofe
                  on  ofe.object_instance_id =
                  and ofe.object_code = 'ODF_AGGREGATED_ATTRIBUTE'
        where   1 = 1   and internal_name = 'cop_overall_status'   and object_name = 'cop_prj_statusrpt'




Help. People keep changing my project's sub-projects! Can we hide the button, so they can't mess with the hierarchy (parent/child/grandchild)?


You can hide the Hierarchy tab (or make it view only) using standard security, and so block non-PMO users, but if you've already done that, then you know that the ability to add Subprojects through the Properties and Subprojects page is tied to Project – Edit rights or automatic PM rights. So another option, to help block those folks, is to go to Admin > UI Themes. Then copy the code from the default one, throw it into a new one, add this code to the bottom, and set it as the theme.
  display:none !important;

  display:none !important;

  display:none !important;



Who initiated that process via GEL?
  <!-- Get Initiating User -->
  <sql:query var="init_user">
    csu.user_name p_init
    bpm_run_processes p
    JOIN cmn_sec_users csu on p.initiated_by =
    where = ${gel_processInstanceId}
  <core:set value="${init_user.rows[0].p_init}" var="p_init"/>



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