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Get the latest product news with monthly webcasts from Rally experts. Do you have a topic request, or a particular feature you'd like to learn more about? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this page and we will take your topic into consideration for a future webcast!


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Keys to successful PI Planning

March 20, 2019 - 11AM ET Watch Replay

Think you have what it takes to be successful at Program Increment (PI) Planning? From first-timers to planning pros, PI Planning provides a routine, face-to-face venue for organizations to align business objectives to the outcomes that matter most. But where do you start? And how do you improve?

Join us as we cover the ins and outs of a successful PI Planning event. We’ll outline everything you need to know in advance -- from 2 months to 2 days out -- and even provide insight into how we run things here at Rally.

Presented by Todd Galloway (Sr Scrum Master) and Bryn Saunders (Product Marketing, Rally)

Smart Planning for Healthy Delivery Cycles

February 28, 2019 - 11AM ET Watch Replay


Using Capacity Planning and Plan Progression

Executing on healthier and more predictable delivery cycles require thorough preparation, collaborative planning and attentive monitoring. In this webcast, you'll learn about the overview and benefits of two powerful Rally features -- Capacity Planning and Plan Progression. We'll cover common challenges and missed opportunities that delivery groups face quarter-over-quarter, and we'll demonstrate how these features help teams create feasible plans and stay on course throughout their execution.

Presenters: Caitlin Lam, Pam Wilder and Rusty Lloyd

Agile for Happy Organizations

October 25, 2018 Watch Replay

Are your employees happy? Have you asked them recently? You should. People who are happy at work are more productive. When rolling out agile in an organization, one of the key metrics our agile consultants and coaches encourage companies to measure is employee happiness.

What makes people happy? Being a part of a purpose-driven organization with an outcome-oriented culture, knowing the work they do is aligned to the overall goals and strategies of the company.

Longda Yin, Principal Agile Consultant and SAFe® Program Consultant, will discuss how agile allows for employees to understand the work they're doing matters, and how agile and happiness in the work place are connected.


Put the Shine Back into Lackluster Retrospectives

September 19, 2018  Watch Replay


For some teams, retrospectives can become repetitive and tedious, lacking meaningful engagement and productivity that they were originally intended to foster. By implementing best practices and adding a little fun to this crucial Agile ceremony, your teams can develop a basis for increased productivity, teamwork and long-term success.


Presented by Cassie Kern (CA Sr Scrum Master) and Todd Galloway (CA Sr Scrum Master)

Improve Planning and Resource Allocation with Capacity Planning + Plan Progression

August 15, 2018 Watch Replay

Do you want to improve the planning of your quarterly releases by being able to create ‘what if’ scenarios that can show your stakeholders the best way to allocate your resources? Would you like to be able to understand not only what work you planned for a release, but what changes you’ve made along the way? In this webcast, You’ll learn about CA Agile Central’s Capacity Planning capabilities as well as how you can combine that and the Plan Progression feature to accurately predict and track changes to your releases.


Presenter: Aaron Rusty Lloyd (Principal, Agile Management)

Proper Portfolio Manager Set Up & Best Practices

July 18, 2018 Watch Replay


Do you want to improve team level predictability and more effectively scale work across your organization? Accomplishing these efforts not only start with more accurate work sizing and estimation, but also proper set-up in Portfolio Manager. In this webcast, you will learn how to correctly set up Portfolio Manager, and utilize various capabilities that will help your team achieve alignment between strategy and development.


Please note: This is a refresh session from the “Portfolio Manager 101 & Best Practices” webcast from August 2017.


Presenter: Lynn Keyes (Sr. Customer Success Manager)

Boost Productivity in Engineering Teams: Automate Agile Central + GitHub using Waffle.io

June 20, 2018 Watch Replay


Waffle.io is a project incubated inside the CA Accelerator, and has just launched an integration with CA Agile Central to automate the way developers track work with GitHub issues and pull requests. Waffle enables engineering teams to automatically updated their status and automatically update progress on CA Agile Central portfolio items based on how they already work in GitHub. Join Waffle’s founder, Andrew Homeyer to learn how to use the new integration to make your engineering teams more productive, and happier!


Presenter: Andrew Homeyer (Founder, Waffle.io)

Explore the "Art of the Possible" with Dashboards and the App Catalog

May 16, 2018 Watch Replay | Presentation


With the combined use of Dashboards and Apps, you can tailor your views to focus only on the data and information that is most important to you and your team. In this session, you will learn how to easily create dashboards for various role personas and Agile ceremonies. If you are not familiar with the new ‘look and feel’ of the App catalog, we will provide a quick tour and show you how to directly access Community apps through catalog verses.


Presenter: Jason Deno (Principal Consultant, Presales)

Ready, Set, Hack: Fostering a Culture of Innovation Through Hackathon

April 11, 2018 Watch Replay | Presentation


How do you make space for innovation? Hackathons have been a foundational part of Rally’s (and now Agile Central’s) culture from day one, and they give us time for innovation through two simple rules: Rule #1: Follow your passion. Rule #2: Demo what you did.


Whether your passion might be adding to the product you work on, learning a new technology, or doing something completely unrelated (creating a podcast about pie?), in this webcast we’ll share everything we’ve learned from more than a decade of hacking- why we do it, when we do it, and how we do it - so you can do it too.


Presenters: Kyle Morse (Hackathon Champion) and Marianne Graham (Hackathon Enthusiast)

Track Funding Across Release Trains with New ‘Investments’ Feature

March 21, 2018 Watch Replay | Presentation


Tune into our March webcast to learn about our new Investments feature that is now available in open beta. Users will now be able to associate and track financial information with work across different teams, projects and timeboxes.


Presenter: Matt Gorbsky (Principal Product Manager)

Release-Level Reporting: How Are You Performing Within Your Releases?

February 21, 2018 Watch Replay | Presentation


Building off of the Team-Level Reporting topic last month, this webcast will focus on Release-Level Reporting. This presentation and live demo will be of particular interest to program managers, product managers and team leads looking for ways to effectively track programmatic planning and development.


Presenter: Clay Tidwell (Customer Success Manager)

Team-Level Reporting: Ways to Measure Teams and Improve Performance

January 17, 2018 Watch Replay | Presentation


There are various ways you can track and measure how your team is progressing with the projects at hand. Learn how to create reports that will reveal valuable information at the team level, and learn how to identify bright and dark spots in these reports to optimize performance.


Presenter: David Shuster (Sr. Customer Portfolio Representative)

Level Up: Extending Agile Central with Custom Pages and Apps

December 13, 2017 Watch Replay | Presentation


Custom pages allow you to create bespoke views that provide quick access to the data you need. In this Webcast, we’ll cover leveraging the new app catalog to create and share pages with various built-in and custom apps. Plus, for power users, we’ll give you some tips and tricks on how to create your own apps so you can customize your experience even further.


Presenters: Marianne Graham (Product Owner) and Kyle Morse (App Guru)

Latest Enhancements in Quality Manager

October 18, 2017 Watch Replay | Presentation


Learn how CA Agile Central is investing in modern quality management with Quality Manager. You will learn how to create re-usable testing assets, gain traceability, and break down big batch testing cycles


Presenters: Shay Boudreaux (Principal Product Manager), Scott Nusz (Director, Product Management)

Dashboards and the App Catalog in Agile Central 

September 20, 2017 Watch Replay | Presentation


The Agile Central platform contains many components around an Agile Lifecycle: Planning Iterations, Completing Work, Tracking Progress, and Gathering Data to name a few. With the combined use of Dashboards and Apps, you can compile these various elements and tailor your views to focus only on the data and information that is most important to you and your team.


Presenter: Don Young (Principal Consultant, Presales)

Portfolio Manager 101 & Best Practices

August 16, 2017 Watch Replay | Presentation


Wouldn’t it be nice to be assured that your dev teams are working on the right things and delivering on their commitments? Achieving team level predictability and scaling work across your organization is the ultimate goal, but it requires thoughtful organization to do so. Learn the necessary steps and best practices on setting up Portfolio Manager the right way, and utilizing its capabilities to best meet the needs of your team.


Presenter: Lynn Keyes (Sr. Customer Portfolio Representative)


Top 10 Things Every CA Agile Central (formerly Rally) User Should Know

July 18, 2017 Watch Replay | Presentation


No matter how much or how long you have been working with CA Agile Central (formerly Rally), there may still be tips, tricks and information that you have yet to learn and benefit from. Join Peggy Graham (Technical Customer Success Manager) who will share ten things that every user should know to have a successful experience with the platform.


Presenter: Peggy Graham (Technical Customer Success Manager)

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