Maintenance mode via nimalarm (version 2.9)

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- Recently a client had a request to have the possibility to set a server/device in maintenance via a simple "nimalarm" message. (he used to do the same in NSM with a cawto command)

- A second requirement was that in the message he would set the servername and the # of seconds that the device needed to stay in maintenance.

The agreed alarm format was: nimalarm -l 1 "maint_on servername #seconds"


The solution exist in a new custom probe, that need to be installed only on the main UIM hub: probe_maint_on.

A Nas AO profile will trap all alarms starting with "maint_on" an repost them with subject: "maint"

This probe will connect to a user defined attach queue: maint.

For each message we will create a new maintenance calendar and define the server into this calendar. When the definitions ends ok the original maint_on alarm is cleared.

The attached zip contains:

- version 2.5

- doc file

- sql examples how to delete empty and expired maintenance calendars


What's new in 2.9:

- you can now remove a server from maintenance by setting the #seconds to 0

- several extra checks to avoid creating empty calendars

- extra checks if sql login is ok

- if a server has multiple cs_id's, we will use them all

- probe is now installed in /probes/custom/probe_maint_on

(the attached zip 2.9 contains also a file:; this is the package to be added in your archive)

Tested with UIM version 9.0.2 on Windows

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