Tech Tip: CA ESP Workstation 11.3 Build 107 is GA'd

Document created by Lucy_zhang Employee on Aug 30, 2017
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Here are the enhancements and solutions added in this build:

1. Added the Workload Director Custom View field for Anticipated End Time.
2. The RESETWOB command is now available through the "Reset Job Definition" and "Browse Reset Job Definition" options. Note: PTF RO96878 need to be applied on ESP side.
3. Fixed the behavior of status updates in Workload Director. Status updates are now displayed correctly, even if a hold reason contains a double quote.
4. Help in Workload Director now works correctly.
5. Enabled the spool file retrieval for WEB_SERV job in Workload Director.
6. Resource names are no longer truncated in Workload Director.
7. The text from the "Job Details" dialog can now be copy-pasted.


It's a full install package for ESP Workstation. Following is the download link on support online:


And the download link for PTF RO96878 is as below: 

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