Tech Tip : CA Single Sign-On : Policy Server take long time to Stop

Document created by Osarobo_Idehen Employee on Sep 8, 2017
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I am using Oracle as user directory and while using WAMUI to view contents of this user directory.

Policy server shutdown on Linux is taking a long time and hanging until the script internally issues


SIGKILL to exit.

stop-all needs to kill process

[root@xyz siteminder]# ./stop-all

./stop-all[45]: .: syntax error at line 6: `newline' unexpected

RiskMinder is not running

SiteMinder Policy Server is stopping.....................

There was a problem stopping the Policy Server

Using SIGKILL to stop the Policy Server

SiteMinder Health Monitor is stopping..

SiteMinder Health Monitor is no longer running


PS tracelogs:

[05/17/2016][12:00:32.803][12:00:32][27495][4151752416][CServer.cpp:4636][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][LogMessage:INFO:[sm-Server-01960] smpolicysrv waiting for threads to terminate]

[05/17/2016][12:00:32.803][12:00:32][27495][4151752416][CServer.cpp:4637][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][LogMessage:INFO:[sm-Server-01970] smpolicysrv proceeding with shutdown]





Policy Server: R12.52 SP1 CR4 OS: RHEL 6 64bits User Store: Oracle SQL 12c



The issue is with the ODBC provider instance release mechanism.

The shutdown is blocked at a point in the DB manager where the DB interface release mechanism not properly called



This issue has been resolved in Policy Server 12.52 SP1 CR6 and above:



KD : TEC1909122