Tech Tip: CA Datacom Core Products Version 15.1 New Features and Enhancements

Document created by KarinaPulinx Employee on Sep 19, 2017
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Tech Tip from Karina Pulinx,Principal Support Engineer,for September 19,2017.


We just documented the new and enhanced features in here : 


15.1 New or Enhanced Features - August 15 to September 8 - CA Datacom Core - 15.1 - CA Technologies Documentation 


Surely some of you like the DBUTLTY RECOVERY RECBASE DBID=  enhancement.

Before the enhancement, a single database number was allowed such as DBID=1. With the enhancement, DBID can be one number or one range of numbers, such as DBID=300-400. The keyword may still occur only one time per RECBASE statement.

There is no change to the optional TABLE= keyword. 

This enhancement was delivered via  RO97700 .  


That  PTF also provides support for new values for the LOGPRINT keyword on the DBUTLTY REPORT AREA=RXX function.

These new values are DATACHR and DATAHEX. 

  • DATACHR prints the value in character format 
  • DATAHEX prints the value in hexadecimal style