DevTest & TDM askCA (formerly Office Hours) Transcript - October 2017

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Chat transcript of askCA: DevTest & TDM - October 2017 which took place on October 31, 2017.


Melanie Giuliani to everyone: hi all - welcome to askCA! Thanks for joining!

Melanie Giuliani to everyone: Let's go ahead and get started! You can start asking your questions here in the chat box.

tabassum to everyone: Can you please give an overview of TDM and how it can be integrated with Devtest

Daniel Mazzei to everyone: Hi @tabassum! You can check out the webcast here:'s a PDF of the PPT and a recording.

Manjunath Narayan to everyone: @tabssum .. Please find the docsops link and video for the TDM and DevTest integration

tabassum to everyone: Thanks!

Daniel Mazzei to everyone: @tabassum, Sure! Hope that helps

anna to everyone: in TDM Self service catalogue, is there an option to get the user input dynamically, for ex, option to add new row option, so that user can input multiple rows at a time .

Donald Gall to everyone: @anna - are you looking to publish multiple rows of data with regards to Data Generation?

anna to everyone: @Donald - yes . i have tried table iteration and it works fine if i am generating all columns data, but i want to get the input from user as well

Donald Gall to everyone: @anna - yes, you can create a variable for the repeat count

Donald Gall to everyone: @anna - here is a link to our docops that should help:   

anna to everyone: Thank you Donald.

Donald Gall to everyone: @anna – you’re welcome

Melanie Giuliani to everyone: @all - just a reminder the CA product surveys launched this month, and we'd love to get your feedback! Both SV and TDM are covered this year. Click here for more info:   

Donald Gall to everyone: @all - has anyone tried the new Find and Reserve functionality with TDM? 

anna to everyone: @Donald - nope.

Donald Gall to everyone: here is a link in docops with a video for anyone interested in the Find and Reserve functionality


Ian to everyone: In some instances I've seen using SVE, the match script (Java) will stop matching and the connection will go out to the real service rather than responding from the Virtualized Service.  In order to resolve, the services need a quick restart.  Is this a known issue?

Surya Anil Kumar Suravarapu to everyone: @Ian.. Please confirm if you are using the script in Dynamic routing mode?

Surya Anil Kumar Suravarapu to everyone: @ Ian.. Please confirm on what the script does as well.. Thank You

Ian to everyone: @Surya, I'm going to assume it's not in Dynamic Routing Mode as I haven't set that.  The script is fairly simple, if a value that comes in the request XML in one element and it matches a list we store, then respond with virtual service response. If not, go to live service.

Ian to everyone: @Surya, I can confirm, it's not using DRM.

Surya Anil Kumar Suravarapu to everyone: @Ian.. Thanks for confirming that.. We would like to look into this further.. You can either post this question on the communities along with the script snippet.. or else, please drop me a note at

Ian to everyone: @Surya, Thank you for the help. Will do.

Melanie Giuliani to everyone: @all - if you're planning on attending CA World, check out the session catalog    

Liz Reznak to everyone: @all - if you are planning on attending CA World, remember to drop by the Education areas for hundreds of FREE trainings & also certification exams available 

Koustubh Warty to everyone: Hello @Ian - what version of DevTest are you currently running?

Ian to everyone: @koustubh - 10.1

Melanie Giuliani to everyone: Alright, if there are no more questions, i think we can wrap up for the day! thank you everyone for joining!

Daniel Mazzei to everyone: Thanks, Mel!

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