Tech Tips: Create or Delete Windows Service for DevTest

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You must be an Administrator to add or delete a Windows service.


Bring up a Command prompt on Windows.


For this example, type in the below command to create a Registry Service for DevTest 10.1.0:


sc create "DevTest 10.1.0 Registry" binPath= C:\CA\DevTest10.1.0\bin\RegistryService.exe


where "DevTest 10.1.0 Registry" = Name of my service

where binPath= C:\CA\DevTest10.1.0\bin\RegistryService.exe = where my service executable resides


Note: There is a space after binPath=

          If your binPath points to a path with spaces in it, you will need to put doubles quotes around the fully qualified path.


When successfully created will get this display:


[SC] CreateService SUCCESS


From the Services panel:



The properties of this service:



If you want to delete this service:


sc delete "DevTest 10.1.0 Registry"


When successfully deleted will get this display:


[SC] DeleteService SUCCESS