Tech Tip: CA ESP Workstation 11.3 Build 108 is GA'd

Document created by Lucy_zhang Employee on Nov 8, 2017
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Here are the enhancements and solutions added in this build:

1. Fixed the behavior of custom views during status updates in Workload Director. Workload Director is able to beep and
flash on status update.
2. Connection Manager now supports pass phrase authentication. To use pass phrase in Connection Manager, apply the corresponding PTF RO98914 to CA WA ESP Edition.

Pass phrase supports the following set of special characters: &*@:$=!-%.#?|_
3. Workstation now supports LDAP authentication for the Informatica job type.
4. The background color of application actions in Workload Director was set to yellow.
5. Added support for the SFTP job type.
6. Added a user option in Workload Director to disable the application description.
7. Workload Editor no longer drops spaces in the OTHERS statement.
8. Workload Editor no longer drops question marks in the FILENAME statement.

It's a full install package for ESP Workstation. Following is the download link on support online:


And the download link for PTF RO98914 is: