What You May Have Missed (October 2017)

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Hi Everyone,  I've accepted the fact that nobody will probably read this given many of you are traveling to CA World or are already there and clearly you have more important things to do. I'm just going to continue typing away anyhow  --  it's okay -- I don't mind being ignored, I have 3 teenagers, I'm used to that (HA!).  Anyhow, and more seriously, It's been almost a year since I left the community to go work on another assignment for the company over in Acquisitions.  I want to thank my colleague sue.macaluso for holding down the fort in my absence.   Thanks Sue!    For the past 10 months I had the great opportunity to work on CA's acquisition of BlazeMeter and then Runscope. Hopefully you can learn all about Blaze and Runscope at CA World this week but I provided links for those not there. Either case, it's great to be back with all of you.


It has also been almost a year since we broke apart the IM community into more manageable parts... so friendly reminder.... CA Spectrum, CA Performance Management, and CA Unified Infrastructure Management have moved into their own communities. Be sure to follow so you don't miss important announcements, tech tips, and events. 

  1. Follow: CA Spectrum
  2. Follow: Performance Management
  3. Follow: Unified Infrastructure Management


As you probably have noticed, I've been doing lots of community cleanup (a normal thing to do at end of year) so if you see anything out of date you can assume it's on my list. If you find anything that needs attention just shoot me over a message --> MelissaPotvin and follow me if you are not already!  


Here is what's been happening in the community:


Upcoming Events  (Let us know if you an attend please)

askCA (aka 'Office Hours') for CA Service Operations Insight 

Learn more about Runscope API Monitoring  

askCA for CA Spectrum 

askCA for CA Performance Management 



Event Replays / Transcripts

[REPLAY] Finding an easier and faster way to transition from CA eHealth to CA PM - November 7, 2017 

askCA Chat Transcripts (CA PM) - November 9, 2017 


New Blogs  (thank you lunda04 )

The Importance of Measuring Business Services 

When Is Technology Not the Solution? 


Please participate in our product survey!  This is your chance to give us feedback and trust me, we want it !   

Product Feedback 2018: Survey Coming Soon! 



End Of Service - CA Application Delivery Analysis Multi-Port Monitor  


New Videos


[REPLAY] Finding an easier and faster way to transition from CA eHealth to CA PM - November 7, 2017 


New Ideas

Log traps sent from NFA 

Watchdog Filtered Notifications 

Logmon Alarms/QOS to correct USM Device on Source Overwrite 

Email Collector Probe 

CA UIM JobSched probe 

Spectrum's WebClient topology background 

Support for Websphere 9 

AWS CloudWatch Custom Metrics 

CABI Report Pack 

Group Search Box for Set LDAP Group Screen 

CA UCM SRTCP support for Avaya 

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