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Here are the how-to knowledge docs that support wrote for TDM. We write new ones every day, so the below is as of Jan. 30, 2018, but we will try to update it monthly. 


See all knowledge docs here: 

See 'Tech Tips' in the TDM community Discussion page here: CA Test Data Manager  



How to Add a Masking Function to your Transformation Map in Datamaker 

How to Perform Repository Maintenance in Test Data Manager- Datamaker 

How to Reset the Default Administrator Password in Datamaker 

How to create a new rep.xml file in Datamaker 

How to Enable Debugging for Datamaker  

How to Receive and Apply a License for Test Data M - CA Knowledge 

How to request and apply the Test Data Manager-Datamaker 3.1 license. 

How to Purge Datamaker Logs 

Datamaker: How to maintain object tags 

How to Activate Active Directory (AD) Integration with Test Data Manager   

How to upgrade the Oracle Client in DataMaker 

How to change the default date format in Datamaker 

How to Connect to HP NonStop Database with Datamaker 

How to create global seedlist in Datamaker. 

Datamaker: How to move data from source/target DB into the Data Pool (repository DB) 

Datamaker: How to add masking functions in the Transformation Map screen of Datamaker to be in sync with Fast Data Maske… 

PII - How to discover PII in a version of your Project 

GTDatamaker: How to load non-ASCII characters in a CSV file into the seed data table of the repository from GTDatamaker … 



How to Generate a Java Stack and Heap Dump for TDM Portal 

TDM Portal: How to enable debugging for TDM Portal 

How to enable 'rollback' for publishing in the TDM Web Portal 

How to create a datagroup with TDM Portal 

How to change the TDM Portal port from 8443 (HTTPS) to 8080 (HTTP) 

TDM portal job scheduler: How to change the idle wait time before a job gets picked up from the queue? 



How to configure the log file location for Fast Data Masker 

How to Run In-Flight Masking Scripts on a Remote Server 

How to set the cursor fetch size parameter for Fast Data Masker 

How to apply the license for Fast Data Masker 

How to Enable Debugging for Fast Data Masker (FDM) 



How to apply the GT Subset license 

How to Enable Debugging for Subset 



How to enable debugging for Test Data on Demand (TDoD) 


TDM- General:

How to Register for CA Support Online Access 

How to Download Test Data Manager 

How to search the CA Knowledge Base 

How to Submit an Enhancement Request for Test Data Manager 


If anyone has ideas or an outline for a how-to knowledge doc that we can write and publish, just let me know.

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