API Gateway Knowledge Docs for March

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deployment of APIServer.war throws error - CA Knowledge 


Issue upgrading Gateway database to 9.3 - CA Knowledge 


Missing or duplicate parameters error during OAuth - CA Knowledge 


Does the API Gateway Support AWS Lambda Functions? - CA Knowledge 




How to Move Gateway Database Tables from the System Tablespace  to its own Tablespace after upgrade from 9.2 to 9.3  - CA Knowledge 


Generate ID Token - c_hash / at_hash algorithm - CA Knowledge 


How to sign a payload using Encode JSON web token - CA Knowledge 


How to Purge Audit Data in Gateway 9.3 and Newer - CA Knowledge 


How to remove a Cache entry - CA Knowledge 


JSON web key set (JWKS) format used in Decode JSON - CA Knowledge 


Backing up a Gateway node fails due to "Backup for node Gateway2 Failed: Cannot create backup image" or "Failed Component: OS"  - CA Knowledge 


Enterprise Service Manager (ESM): Error when migrating policies - "(Name) must be unique"  - CA Knowledge 


API Gateway: Node will not start because "at least two nodes in database have different multicast addresses"  - CA Knowledge 


API Gateway Policy Manager access fails with "Inactivity timeout reached" message immediately upon login  - CA Knowledge 


JMS Exception When Testing JMS Connection to ApacheMQ  - CA Knowledge 


Unable to load custom assertion on software gateway  - CA Knowledge 


Replication breaks after applying a Patch to the Gateway  - CA Knowledge 


Addressing the Spectre and Meltdown Vulnerabilities (CVE-2017-5754, CVE-2017-5753, CVE-2017-5715)  - CA Knowledge 


Gateway Won’t Start Up Successfully If It Cannot Reach a syslog server  - CA Knowledge 


Western European Characters do not display properly  - CA Knowledge 


Increasing the disk space available to a virtual appliance using Logical Volume Management (LVM)  - CA Knowledge 


CA API Management: Revoked OAuth Token is still valid  - CA Knowledge 


Certificate-Related Errors in Audits and Logs of the Gateway  - CA Knowledge 


Enterprise Service Manager - How to remove a cluster node  - CA Knowledge 


CA API Management: Unable to generate tokens using a public client with the client credentials grant type  - CA Knowledge 


CA API Management: OAuth Toolkit 4.1 and newer are missing NoSQL assertions  - CA Knowledge 


backup temp folder - CA Knowledge 


Managing the default Policy Manager administrator - CA Knowledge 


Sign Certificate assertion Expiry Age - CA Knowledge 


SAML Vulnerability VU475445 - CA Knowledge 


CA API Management: Customizing Error Codes for the OTK  - CA Knowledge 


How to Disable Audits in the CA API Gateway - CA Knowledge 


CA API Management: Add or Remove XML Element(s) Assertion Sample Policy  - CA Knowledge