Automic Idea Creation Dates

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This file contains all the migrated Ideas with their new CA Communities Idea ID, the Idea title and the original creation date.


To find the idea, use the format:[JiveIdeaID]


235739423Address of the communication process in the AE system to which the agent should connect.3/1/2017 2:52
235739426Connection object for BMC Remedy and BMC Atrium agents3/1/2017 2:59
235739427Renaming of TOGGLE_SYSTEM_STATUS3/1/2017 3:01
235739429Show start and end times for External Dependency tasks in Workflow Monitor3/1/2017 3:02
235739422Add many Agents to an AgentGroup with a single click on a button3/1/2017 3:11
235739424Copy multiple files with the Hadoop Agent3/1/2017 3:23
235739425SAP Agent - Add call alert functionality when Suspend" option is used when running a BW Process Chain"3/1/2017 12:38
235739165Provide summary after XML import3/2/2017 6:00
235739160Customize SMTP Port used by the Engine for Email Notifications3/2/2017 8:51
235739169Allow Double-Click in Message Window3/2/2017 14:39
235739428Automic Web Interface customization3/3/2017 2:51
235739166XML schema description for AE export file format3/3/2017 3:20
235739162SMGR_PORT_RANGE should accept multiple ranges of port numbers3/3/2017 3:27
235739161More ways to get IFolder objects3/3/2017 7:19
235739170Improvements to TaskFilter API class3/3/2017 7:39
235739066[ARA] When creating Users, UserGroups or Logins via ECC/ARA store them not in the root AWA folder3/3/2017 7:50
235739164AgentListItem should have setter methods for WORKLOAD_MAX3/3/2017 7:53
235739172Add support for Hierarchy Variables in the RA Business Objects agent3/3/2017 8:05
235739171Distinguish between, and control access from, the JUI, Java APIs, and AWI3/3/2017 8:22
235739167JWP should support LDAP-based Oracle JDBC strings in ucsrv.ini3/3/2017 8:26
235739168Ability to customize statistics and activities windows3/3/2017 10:12
235739163Increase the Max Length on Passwords in LOGIN Objects3/3/2017 10:57
235739100Improve the rich text editor3/5/2017 2:55
235739174UI - recursive deletion of folders3/5/2017 22:51
235739178There should be a general way of opening any AE object via the Java API, without already knowing its type.3/6/2017 0:02
235739175Clear, consistent, unambiguous terminology in products and documentation3/6/2017 0:58
235739176AE setting to require minimum level of uc4.jar3/6/2017 2:52
235739177Secure SMTP3/6/2017 7:57
235739173User/user group-level system limits3/6/2017 8:30
235739179Cross Client Dependencies3/6/2017 13:09
235739152Bypass just one Condition at a time, and resource log showing all dependencies3/7/2017 5:44
235739153Outage for MU (not task based)3/7/2017 5:48
235739154Deactivate and Activate Tasks that are part of a running JSCH with the Java API3/7/2017 14:24
235739155Adapt rich Java UI to handle 4K screens3/7/2017 14:37
235739156Increase the Max Length on agent names3/8/2017 4:24
235739157Search filter function AWI V123/8/2017 5:36
235739099Automic web sites should work well on mobile devices3/9/2017 2:35
235739158Service Manager Dialog authentication system needed3/9/2017 2:49
235739151Alert SNMP iSeries OS400 DUAS3/9/2017 8:38
235739149Allow Free Text (like in the title of an object) for the ALIAS of a task3/10/2017 0:55
235739150Copy Client (ucybdbcc) - Reports and Versions management3/12/2017 4:50
235739430Cancel Form functionality - Warn the users when the cancel/abort the form3/13/2017 1:03
235739436Version combination check for Windows  (and other) agents3/13/2017 23:21
235739441Define array with variable size3/13/2017 23:30
235739433New script function for calendar calculation3/13/2017 23:41
235739434Partially qualified server names in Login objects3/13/2017 23:48
235739439Forced traces should contain bind parameters3/13/2017 23:52
235739431Each restart, no matter how it is triggered, should increase the counter &$RESTART_COUNT#3/14/2017 0:05
235739440File-Event: When condition is met move file in specified directory3/14/2017 0:47
235739437Multiselection and edit in Schedule object3/14/2017 0:50
235739435Same DB Agent for jobs, events and SQL-variables3/14/2017 0:53
235739438Installation of the DB Service Agent on a different system than the Automation Engine3/14/2017 1:00
235739432Agent/Client Assignment: Missing option to assign agents to new clients3/14/2017 1:02
235739145File upload in PromptSet3/14/2017 1:07
235739143Workflow Monitor: Display the alias name in the tab title instead of the object name3/14/2017 1:11
235739144WebHelp: search result should be sortable by relevance, title and guide3/14/2017 1:25
235739442When opening the WebHelp the cursor should be automatically positioned in the search field (autofocus).3/14/2017 1:33
235739198REST web services agent should support Kerberos authentication.3/14/2017 9:00
235739067Deletion of no longer used queues (ARA Process Monitoring)3/15/2017 6:53
235739199Estimated Runtime (ERT) column in the Activity window3/15/2017 7:52
235739197Waiting for External Predecessor status3/15/2017 8:06
235739196REST web services agent should support LTPA authentication.3/16/2017 5:39
235739065[ARA] Possability to adjust the width of the boxes on the Process Monitor3/18/2017 4:52
235739192Allow 0 (zero) Work Process on an Automation Engine Server (Cluster)3/20/2017 6:30
235739191Log entry for Transfer Key Renewal3/20/2017 6:31
235739186Possibilty to define logon type per job3/20/2017 6:32
235739187REST Webservice Jobs - Autodecrypt --10 Values from promptsets3/21/2017 7:53
235739190:BEGIN_EXT_INT .... :END_EXT_INT - No generated code is visible3/21/2017 10:41
235739188Start and end times in an active workflow3/21/2017 10:53
235739189Powershell cmdlet for Automic Workload Automation3/21/2017 10:59
235739107Maintain parms during component replication of Banner jobs as with non-Banner jobs3/21/2017 20:05
235739112Allow Schedule for a job/chain to be set at the minute and second level3/21/2017 20:07
235739108E5 - RMIserver errors should be more informative and less frequent3/21/2017 20:11
235739105SFTP_JAVA job fails when attempting to put a file to an empty directory on a remote SFTP server.3/21/2017 20:17
235739119E6 - Improve Doc for LDAP configuration and support secure LDAP and CAS.3/21/2017 20:19
235739116E7 - Better support for SMTP authentication3/21/2017 20:21
235739117E9 - Ability to copy individual components from one Process Flow to another.3/21/2017 20:24
235739115Ability to copy selected parms from one Job or Process Flow to another rather than all or nothing3/21/2017 20:31
235739109E11 - Modernize the delivered reports3/21/2017 20:33
235739110E12 - When replicating components, provide option to place them vertically or horizontally3/21/2017 20:34
235739113E13 - SFTP_JAVA improvements: Better messaging and error handling, change port number, ssh key support3/21/2017 20:35
235739114E14 - Banner Agent: Deliver Banner Agent reports with product3/21/2017 20:36
235739120E15 - Banner Agent: Support for MEP3/21/2017 20:37
235739104E16 - Banner Agent: Support for BANJSPROXY3/21/2017 20:39
235739111E17 - PDF output attached to notifications: Provide for multiple orientations with output attachments3/21/2017 20:41
235739118E18 - Maintain section sizes and scaling of the Components tab while viewing/updating other tabs3/21/2017 20:43
235739106E19 - Banner agent job prompt value changes can’t be audited3/21/2017 20:45
235739185UC_EXT_INTERPRETERS_WINDOWS / UNIX - Extension VARA3/22/2017 1:24
235739182SOAP WebService version 4 should have object tabs that were available in earlier versions3/22/2017 8:32
235739183Context-sensitive help3/23/2017 3:10
235739180Contextual menus for objects & tasks3/23/2017 3:18
235739181Keyboard shortcuts for frequently-used commands3/23/2017 3:23
235739184All AWA v12 documentation should be accessible in on place.3/23/2017 5:47
235739101Updates to support tickets should be limited to new information relevant to the ticket3/23/2017 6:01
235739102Support site should be updated with social network-style interface3/23/2017 6:04
235739103Finer-grained visibility settings for problem tickets3/23/2017 6:09
235739203Move ‘Use for adaptive ERT’ from ‘Variables & Prompts’ to ‘Runtime’ tab3/27/2017 1:17
235739205VARA.FILELIST acts differently on Linux and Windows when sym-links should be resolved3/27/2017 3:30
235739204Quick Search security privilege3/27/2017 7:31
235739121The Usage button does not return all references for RA Jobs3/28/2017 14:07
235739200Script debugger for Automic Script3/30/2017 2:32
235739201Complete documentation of return codes3/30/2017 6:35
235739207When resetting prompt set fields, honor default values, and reevaluate any variables therein4/4/2017 8:34
235739218Display process chain in graphical view in automic activity window4/5/2017 4:22
235739126Email notification when an idea one has submitted (or voted for) changes status or receives a comment4/5/2017 8:17
235739216AE DB Change program (ucybchng) should have an option to check the syntax of the change rules file4/6/2017 7:12
235739220Allow variables in :INCLUDE statements4/6/2017 9:19
235739219Set SYNC object at runtime via a variable4/7/2017 6:55
235739217Failover capability in Agent/Host Groups4/7/2017 8:20
235739221Documentation Fix for Automation Engine4/10/2017 10:21
235739071File System Actions4/11/2017 4:56
235739224Workflow Editting - moving windows4/11/2017 8:25
235739127Application Manager on IPV64/11/2017 15:00
235739223The Details in AWI needs to word wrap long fields4/12/2017 20:33
235739222Add Period Objects to Schedule Task Definitions4/12/2017 20:44
235739215Detect misconfiguration : Prevent 2 same CP to be configured and started which implicates a global freeze4/14/2017 1:52
235739213DNS Based Themes4/16/2017 8:05
235739211Proxy to support Service Manager Connections4/17/2017 3:19
235739210Proxy to support File Transfer4/17/2017 3:36
235739212Package Windows Agents as an MSI4/17/2017 4:45
235739070Add WebLogic Action to Create GridLink Data Source4/17/2017 17:28
235739069Add WebLogic Action for Create Connection Factory""4/17/2017 17:44
235739214Ability to add or modify an external dependency to an active workflow via AWI4/18/2017 6:05
235739209[Analytics] More data needed4/18/2017 6:40
235739208Graphical comparison of 2 or more workflows4/18/2017 9:04
235739125APPLICATION MANAGER --How Banner Jobsub handles Oracle Wallet in Banner 94/18/2017 16:25
235739306Webservice actions using curl should accept encrypted passwords4/19/2017 0:00
235739307Webservice action needs option to ignore certificate errors4/19/2017 0:01
235739305Web Service agent should implement PATCH method4/19/2017 6:10
235739304Ability to perform CRUD operations to Agent Groups via Automic Script4/19/2017 8:21
235739308Brazilian Portuguese language in SAP job4/20/2017 6:22
235739309Please assure that the product is Section 508 compliant - Automic web interface content has to be accessible to people with disabilities4/20/2017 7:37
235739300Add a script function to import XML from in memory DOM4/21/2017 8:02
235739302Activate EVENT by command (AWI-GUI) or Script-Command4/21/2017 12:11
235739076Application Manager should support Banner 94/21/2017 14:04
235739303Automic Agent as Azure Extension4/24/2017 1:47
235739298Allow all Parameters in Parametrized Login in AWI4/25/2017 9:08
235739296Improve Import/Export Performance4/26/2017 5:39
235739299Ability to Track Job Status Changes4/26/2017 10:18
235739297Windows Agents for CORE Server4/27/2017 0:28
235739295Action Pack Button in AE4/27/2017 1:01
235739366Enable multiple selection when reseting tasks in Scheduler5/2/2017 1:33
235739367AWI Notification Object Option: Open as PopUp instead of input required""5/2/2017 4:40
235739058Overwriting the value of a Deployment Target" property from an "environment" property if the value is empty"5/2/2017 13:08
235739086Voting for an idea should not take one back to page 15/3/2017 7:16
235739361Dashboard and SLO organization of folders5/3/2017 7:24
235739362RA.WEBSERVICE.REST 4.0: Make it easy to get the HTTP status code as AE Variable5/3/2017 22:52
235739363RA.WEBSERVICE.REST 4.0: Agent should support client certificate authentication5/3/2017 22:54
235739364Keyboard navigation in AWI5/4/2017 7:29
235739087Compact list of ideas5/4/2017 7:47
235739365Enable auto update/restart of Agents when “Log on As“ is updated in Service Manager5/4/2017 8:31
235739337Increase the width of the Field 'Computer Name:' in the Service Manager Dialog5/7/2017 18:14
235739341Improvement to Authentication in Service Manager Dialog5/7/2017 18:34
235739340External Dependencies based on a Workday versus Logical Day5/8/2017 0:49
235739054Version Control implemented on ARA workflows and components and action packs.5/9/2017 7:46
235739056Reactive AWI - modernday webapps have implemented React or Angular JS to improve web experience and lose the need for a refresh button5/9/2017 7:50
235739052ARA Analytics - the field universe needs expanding to encorporate all possible fields5/9/2017 7:51
235739053Install steps need to be automated for multi-server environment upgrades5/9/2017 7:53
235739339Banner 9 and Oracle Wallet5/9/2017 8:13
235739338Automation Engine should not hang if NFS-mounted trace directory is non-writeable.5/10/2017 7:46
235739420Support Custom Media Type in Rest JOBS for Rest Agent v45/11/2017 5:19
235739417Amazon S3 file transfers5/15/2017 1:43
235739064[ARA] Add Duplicate" function"5/17/2017 12:11
235739097Webservice 3.2 agent getting ORA-20800 wsdl returns exceed limit of net-connect field in Applications Manager v95/19/2017 12:41
235739407Windows - Using of Managed Service Accounts5/22/2017 1:14
235739405Option Search for use" available in edit of jobplan"5/23/2017 7:18
235739404Smarter duplicate and rename functions for groups of objects5/24/2017 2:33
235739408Fill array from VARA row or column using :FILL and GET_VAR5/24/2017 3:10
235739406Java API class AgentListItem should have setter methods for WORKLOAD_MAX etc.5/24/2017 8:37
235739194OpenJDK support5/29/2017 2:31
235739195IBM Java support5/30/2017 1:54
235739193Increase phrase limit of ServiceManager to more than 16 Characters5/31/2017 2:23
235739159Default dashboard in Service Catalog6/1/2017 23:45
235739147Enable/Disable Export with References option6/5/2017 8:56
235739146File Transfer: Possibilty to set restart option Transfer all new" by script or Post-Condition"6/5/2017 23:40
235739148Full Translation of Webclient6/6/2017 6:03
235739098Need to rename OAE output extension based upon output type6/6/2017 12:03
235739228RA JMS Should be able to select code page to save reports6/8/2017 1:33
235739226'Favorites' widget should also support Group Favorites6/8/2017 4:43
235739225Enhancement Request to have Burst Output" flag available in Automic"6/8/2017 13:06
235739227Enhancement Request for APM install (ignore version)6/8/2017 20:29
235739229Display calendar information in the monitor of Workflows ( AWA > 10 )6/9/2017 1:27
235739072Allow ordering of the deployment targets inside Profile to affect order of sequential workflow execution in ARA6/9/2017 1:36
235739231Add ability to Print an entire object to a network printer as we could in V96/13/2017 14:06
235739230The horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of an object is missing.6/13/2017 14:18
235739235Enhancements for PromptSet (PRPT) to include File Upload control to enable users to input files6/14/2017 7:11
235739238One.Installer: create program shortcuts6/15/2017 1:07
235739234Why would you eliminate a useful function from the UC4.6/15/2017 14:48
235739237Define global variables6/15/2017 21:43
235739232Adding comments to AWI Calendar Events6/15/2017 23:49
235739233Buttons in Prompt Sets6/16/2017 2:05
235739236Windows Agent security enhancement6/16/2017 4:41
235739239Allow configuration of how defaults in Prompt Sets are evaluated6/16/2017 6:21
235739240AWI Header Row should contain client state6/19/2017 4:39
235739257Add ability into OEBS Agent to execute a Request Set in OEBS (Oracle E-Business Suite)6/20/2017 21:12
235739255AutomationEngine database access only works if the AE_DB is the default DB - the DB Admin does not find this very good6/20/2017 22:05
235739256User impersonation6/21/2017 4:03
235739258DB2 Repository Installation Script with Tablespace Parameter6/21/2017 8:16
235739262A reusable workflow, when changed(deletion of variables) , should be in synch with all the referencing workflows6/22/2017 7:02
235739261Change the variable values in an aborted job6/22/2017 7:04
235739259Option to view Job Name in Workflow tab rather than Dis for Version 12's Web UI6/27/2017 8:59
235739264UTF-8 Support for Linux6/28/2017 3:12
235739269Duplicate function should also work with folders6/30/2017 1:31
235739260CAU - centralized agent upgrade on Marketplace7/2/2017 22:11
235739294Increase the width of the dialog boxes in the PromptSet Designer7/3/2017 5:52
235739292Invert Log Order in Messages in AWI7/5/2017 2:01
235739288Support Microsoft Server 2008 into version 12.17/11/2017 7:29
235739284Filetransfer (JOBF): Allow usage of 2 Hostgroups7/11/2017 8:28
235739287AWI: No prompt to confirm (eg destructive) actions7/13/2017 2:52
235739286Database events to support agentgroups7/13/2017 4:45
235739285Workflow can be stored with missing relationship / no relationship to end - no warning is issued7/13/2017 6:26
235739313Option to add DOD banner to client login screen7/14/2017 6:59
235739314Object - hash to identify differences of same object in different clients without exporting object completely7/14/2017 7:49
235739301Fill a specific index of an array7/17/2017 3:45
235739415OneInstaller: keep installation after error7/17/2017 4:47
235739416[ARA] Improve dialog Properties if Workflow Execution""7/17/2017 14:00
235739293AWI: Dependencies of jobs in the JOBP not recognizable 7/18/2017 9:19
235739074Make Errors on Profiles visible in Application List7/19/2017 6:20
235739323Hierarchical view for task activated via ACTIVATE_UC_OBJECT function7/20/2017 7:33
235739421Posibility to get Informed about Updates of Packages in Marketplace7/21/2017 3:00
235739332OneInstaller: add trace capability7/23/2017 23:34
235739063Permission handling in ARA7/24/2017 4:59
235739068Nexus Action Pack - Compatibility with v37/24/2017 5:02
235739202Error Message for aborted tasks when reaching Max. Parallel Tasks7/24/2017 6:21
235739061Possibility to Prompt for Package Property on Package creation7/25/2017 0:55
235739059Extend REST-API to allow POST (CREATE) on Applications Resources7/31/2017 23:18
235739057Possibility to order Prompted properties8/1/2017 4:55
235739333User interface and AWI, display of the last login (date time)8/3/2017 5:11
235739335RA_FTP Agent does not support for the Clear Command Channel and OFTP.8/10/2017 0:22
235739334Filetransfer (JOBF): allow files to be send through Proxy8/10/2017 1:06
235739336Enable automatic ServiceManager refresh after uc4.smc/uc4.smd files have been updated.8/11/2017 6:59
235739055apm proxy server support8/14/2017 6:46
235739088Support Banner 9 with Applications Manager8/16/2017 13:55
235739368FTP Agent Server timeout setting8/17/2017 6:03
235739089Application Manager on AWS or AZURE8/17/2017 9:35
235739371Have Maximum Runtime (MRT) include total time a job takes to run (pre-processing, processing, and post-processing)8/17/2017 14:26
235739090Automatic download of sources via repo or sftp8/21/2017 1:21
235739373No option available for setting trace parameters for PeopleSoft Process8/23/2017 10:25
235739244FOKUS: More flexible wildcard and redundancy mechanism in LOGIN objects8/25/2017 3:31
235739241Process Monitor 'Start Time' doesn't show full time HH:MM:SS only HH:MM8/29/2017 5:17
235739242Drag and Drop support in the AWI8/29/2017 23:51
235739128schlechte Usability des Incidentmanagements9/1/2017 2:11
235739247Analytics: Store AE Job Reports in Analytics Datastore9/5/2017 2:32
235739245Allow AND operator in IF clauses in Automic script9/5/2017 5:55
235739246Criterion “Not contain"? in the part “data source"? to a dashboard of One Automation9/5/2017 10:44
235739129Request for certification of Banner 99/8/2017 6:07
235739248#FOKUS Rollback: Enable the usage of PromptSets for Rollback and Backup Task9/10/2017 23:50
235739253Get eMail from User9/18/2017 8:45
235739251DB.Load should display the target version after completion of upgrade9/18/2017 21:02
235739250DB.LOAD - Upload multiple files9/18/2017 23:36
235739252DB.UNLOAD - choose the name of txt file (instead of UC_DATA.TXT)9/18/2017 23:41
235739249Virtual IP addressing (VIPA) and not the name of the Physical Host9/18/2017 23:46
235739254Multiple concurrent windows of task properties9/18/2017 23:50
235739271U00021144 Notification refers to a non-existing user!9/20/2017 19:48
235739270Invert Search patterns in 12.1 Advanced Search9/26/2017 8:01
235739282#FOKUS Externalize AWI configuration, so it does not get deleted when undeploying10/2/2017 8:58
235739283Add 'Run SMC file' button to Service Manager Dialog (GUI)10/3/2017 4:46
235739281Increase number of characters for First Name / Last Name10/4/2017 8:09
235739280ability to Export / Import Dashboards in Automic Web Interface10/4/2017 9:58
235739279Add an HTML Widget to Analytics that dynamically uses VARA content10/4/2017 10:17
235739290Support protocol Mutual TLS / two-factor authorization Web Agent10/6/2017 2:52
235739289Send Applications Manager stdout/stderr to a log file rather than /dev/null10/6/2017 8:22
235739291Certification of Banner RA with Ellucian Banner 9.x10/6/2017 13:27
235739272Create a report to list an object with access rights to prevent DB.Load error10/8/2017 23:31
235739077[$U] Transfer non-model task from an area to another10/9/2017 5:28
235739310PUT_ATT for JOBQ.R3.ALL object10/9/2017 20:48
235739312Table-form widget reflecting VARA content with status support10/11/2017 0:13
235739275AWI: open new connection as a menu entry10/11/2017 21:45
235739278AWI: setting to open the home dashboard by default10/11/2017 21:48
235739274Eliminate dependency on IPv610/12/2017 2:39
235739276Communications Process (CP) should be able to create its own MQ tables10/13/2017 2:15
235739277Store deactivation time in task statistics10/13/2017 3:07
235739273AWI: Browser API Desktop Notification10/13/2017 5:47
235739078Sysload: Adding Aix 7.2 to the Studio Agent10/17/2017 0:10
235739073Add a New column as Job Submitter10/18/2017 11:49
235739317Webservice POST Requests with Content-Type: multipart/form-data" (curl -F) are not supported"10/19/2017 0:56
235739318Postcondition's Restart Task" action to support Restart Points (set by :RESTART)"10/20/2017 4:08
235739315AWA only support LDAP on Microsoft Active Directory and as of version 11 Oracle Directory Server as LDAP servers is also supported.10/20/2017 11:24
235739316We are requesting to have OpenLDAP supported as well.10/20/2017 11:25
235739327#FOKUS AWI Export Agent Limitation is 5000 - please remove10/23/2017 22:47
235739243Automatic Logout after X minutes of inactivity10/25/2017 1:25
235739311Default columns list in Process Monitoring10/25/2017 6:14
235739326Picking Predefined Variables under AWI10/25/2017 10:04
235739079Command line or automated deployment for the AM agent10/25/2017 18:28
235739325Increase Agent Name Length to 128 or 256 (not a clob)10/26/2017 11:27
235739324NEW Archive Browser with new look that shows information of archived data records10/27/2017 4:31
235739080Banner 9 certification10/27/2017 10:43
235739319AE REVISION DB report - Incremental Logging10/30/2017 1:54
235739331Main search11/1/2017 3:08
235739329Add Administrative" client to perform cross-client actions"11/1/2017 3:09
235739330JOBS for multiple OS11/1/2017 3:10
235739328Enhance Reports to include more details11/1/2017 3:11
235739321Restrict the privilege to Export and Import objects11/6/2017 2:23
235739320Improve ERT calculation11/6/2017 11:00
235739322The German documentation should be available on release date11/7/2017 1:29
235739355RA.BANNER agent Capture Programs move up or down button.11/7/2017 13:06
235739353AWI: in calendar editions, the icons to see which type a keyword is are not there anymore11/8/2017 12:31
235739083[SYSLOAD] Gestion des groupes de l'AD11/9/2017 1:09
235739352#FOKUS edit column header in static VARA objects11/9/2017 3:45
235739084#FOKUS SNSC: Re-Try Functionality11/9/2017 5:06
235739351Enhancement to Promptset: Allow Option to Toggle Need For Escape Characters11/9/2017 8:00
235739354#FOKUS  -  in AWI it's not possible to move serveral objects11/9/2017 8:02
235739350#FOKUS - AWI  it's not possible to move serveral Objects in a workflow11/9/2017 8:20
235739082Applications Manager to be supported with java911/9/2017 8:28
235739357#FOKUS - AWI V12.1. - for an object you see general all possibilities of pre-script, post-script, output-scan, sync etc. - content inside or not11/10/2017 3:09
235739358#FOKUS - AWI V12.1. - Scripting - by mark a variable/text - occurences will not shown hightligted11/10/2017 3:11
235739356#FOKUS - AWI V12.1. - message window displaying the messages of all clients (differented by color)  is not available11/10/2017 3:26
235739349#FOKUS: More prominent / useful warning when taking back the lock after object got edited by ninjas11/13/2017 6:19
235739347Redesign of the Automic Service Manager due to security concerns11/13/2017 6:25
235739348#FOKUS: diff function for scripts and other object properties, to enable easy spotting of differences between object revisions11/13/2017 6:44
235739062Blazemeter Proxy Support11/14/2017 5:45
235739081RA Banner Agent - Search/Replace Enhancement11/14/2017 8:53
235739346Connection Lines(To and From) become unclear when they overlay11/15/2017 12:55
235739085#FOKUS: Incident Categories for Website" and other things"11/17/2017 2:22
235739360Inactive accounts can be used as a requestor when scheduling jobs11/17/2017 5:49
235739359AWI Process tabs lack access to $x (variable picker)11/18/2017 9:53
235739343AWI: Selecting a day in the calendar doesn't show related events11/20/2017 4:00
235739344Turkish Character Problem11/20/2017 23:45
235739345SMTP support for state of the art" secure mail server environments"11/21/2017 2:52
235739342Context-sensitive help for AWI plug-ins11/22/2017 5:51
235739376Pre & PostCondition time-conditions do not support & ignore timezones #FOKUS11/27/2017 6:50
235739375Access Java client help for RA solutions in the client.11/29/2017 10:37
235739374#FOKUS Notification facility for newly found bugs, problems, major showstoppers12/4/2017 8:43
235739091Run a job immediatly by create a exception in Task job12/5/2017 5:04
235739060SQL Wildcard - execution support12/5/2017 6:48
235739263IA / EDDA: provide more information on sent event12/11/2017 5:10
235739267AWI: Workflow search for task" feature should show how many tasks have been found"12/11/2017 7:13
235739268AWI: Copy tasks including settings using shift-drag combination12/11/2017 7:25
235739265AWI: Connect a single tasks with many tasks / many tasks with single task12/11/2017 7:31
235739266AWI: Enable search in opened (previewed) VARA #FOKUS12/11/2017 7:41
235739372:SET_SCRIPT_VAR should be able to set the values of previously undefined variables12/12/2017 6:29
235739370Sequential Job should wait till the POST PROCESSING of the previous job is done12/12/2017 14:24
235739369Limit the execution of event (to max number of times) in an event job12/12/2017 14:30
235739409Provide Docker base images certified for Automic software12/14/2017 7:30
235739095[$U] Improve the resource-log managment12/15/2017 8:52
235739094Prompt values based on another prompt - Applications Manager12/18/2017 10:30
235739396Please support   Virtual Directory Server(VDS) authentication on One Automation12/18/2017 12:49
235739397Marketplace: better name for CAU download file12/18/2017 20:13
235739398Marketplace: add new CAU Agent versions to the release process12/18/2017 20:24
235739377variable transfer of minutes in Restart Task" in Post-Conditions - #FOKUS"12/20/2017 1:29
235739378Agent for NetApp Filer12/20/2017 1:56
235739380Allow the :PUBLISH command to work on Data Sequences for Automic Scripting12/20/2017 6:50
235739379EVENT_JOBS - Neartime Report-Output based Event #FOKUS12/21/2017 1:36
235739384Integration CA SSO and AWA V1212/26/2017 5:29
235739387Popup needed when releasing a breakpoint or setting an ACTIVE job to INACTIVE status1/2/2018 18:53
235739399Java API enhancement: Modify ScheduleMonitor and ScheduleMonitor.Task objects1/3/2018 16:45
235739096Visibility of votes, and notification of votes and comments.1/9/2018 5:26
235739410Re-Calculate Agent from Host Group when Current Agent is Unavailable in File Event1/11/2018 2:43
235739400Opening objects in read only mode1/12/2018 1:27
235739385In ucsrv.ini, provide way to specify different log/trace file names for JWP and JCP processes1/18/2018 6:55
235739092Extension Skip" for JOBS - Attributes - Parallel tasks"1/19/2018 0:37
235739206FOKUS: Full UTF-8 Support for AE and Ecosystem1/24/2018 4:50
235739124UVC can be started or stopped by a non-privileged (non-admin) user1/24/2018 7:47
235739123[UNIVIEWER][UVC] LDAP Authentication passwords accepts all caracters1/25/2018 2:27
235739394Allow suppression of column headings and the dashed line that appears in reports created in Applications Manager.1/29/2018 9:21
235739392System overview should also show the used port of non OS agents1/30/2018 1:17
235739393GET_FILESYSTEM - remove limitations on differen Operating Systems1/30/2018 8:54
235739391New menu command in AWI to clear the cache of RA agents1/30/2018 23:06
235739386FOKUS: JOBF don't retry in any way when a problem during transfer occurs2/2/2018 13:41
235739093unix sysload agent2/2/2018 15:39
235739382Add disclosure triangles to AWI Administration perspective views that have sub-views2/5/2018 14:03
235739381Add option to open Task Details in a separate window2/5/2018 16:06
235739383AWI — Prompt Set combo boxes should be actual combo boxes, with both a pick list AND a text entry box2/5/2018 16:27
235739403Open Monitor" is disabled while selecting more than one object in Process Monitoring"2/7/2018 8:51
235739402FOKUS: Provide at least some pre-determined variables in permission system2/8/2018 1:52
235739476AWI: all tablular views should have "copy to clipboard as CSV" and "export to CSV"functions.2/8/2018 8:58
235739130FOKUS: Versioning of the AE shared objects2/9/2018 4:19
235739443Fix for AM jobs hung after completing caused by ckifopen2/9/2018 15:34
235739388Provide ability to execute an object on behalf of another user.2/12/2018 12:51
235739445#FOKUS: Unix and Windows Service Manager security enhancement2/12/2018 22:44
235739389#FOKUS: Unix Service Manager security enhancement2/13/2018 6:44
235739390Banner Applications Manager - CAS authentication support2/13/2018 14:35
235739131RA Informatica Agent - asynchronous logfile catching2/13/2018 23:53
235739411Make UCYBSMgr.exe startable without a windows service (like on linux)2/15/2018 8:59
235739413FOKUS: Context menu in JOBP should allow creation of all object types2/20/2018 4:53
235739414Dashboard with widget Process Monitoring2/20/2018 5:21
235739412#FOKUS: Count of all active objects (without practical limit)2/21/2018 4:18
235739419ARM Support for UNIX/Linux Agent2/26/2018 3:20
235739418revert 1023 chars limit of :PRINT script command2/26/2018 5:52
235739132Java Library for Password decryption2/27/2018 23:49
235739451Support Other DBs for AWA Analytics3/1/2018 1:09
235739452AWI Percentage of server process utilization3/1/2018 4:59
235739453Ability to perform an CP or WP switch to another process over AE-script3/1/2018 5:21
235739484#FOKUS: Unix/Windows Service Manager and Agent security enhancement3/2/2018 0:22
235739133[$U/Univiewer] External script (CL_EXT) can not be edited if the path contains a node variable.3/2/2018 2:05
235739134[$U] Exception for automatical aknoledgement3/2/2018 2:22
235739135Use of Agent Groups for both source and target servers in FTP job solution3/2/2018 6:12
235739454Provide summary after XML export3/5/2018 1:31
235739455Predefined timezone objects provided by Automic3/5/2018 6:10
235739456Override Functin for Upload Forms3/6/2018 2:57
235739457AE Java APIs - eliminate requirement to run direct DB calls to obtain correct results3/7/2018 9:27
235739458PREP_PROCESS_ARRAY() to process elements of an array3/8/2018 3:30
235739459GET_STATISTIC_DETAIL should be able to get the QUEUE of a task3/8/2018 3:41
235739478Additional Listview of Workflowcontent3/9/2018 1:36
235739479Status of JCL error in the activity window3/12/2018 5:40
235739460Increase maximum size of XML exports/imports from 30 MB to at least 100 MB3/12/2018 9:35
235739483Allow System Variables in Alias Names3/13/2018 3:59
235739461Override metadata (custom attributes) at task properties level3/14/2018 9:25
235739462Database Event currently is able to compare a value only3/16/2018 3:30
235739463Placeholder based on the phrase for service manager log and trace files3/16/2018 3:46
235739464DB Change will modify the Prompt set and docu3/21/2018 7:25
235739136Automic Application Manager Backlog Threshold3/21/2018 14:31
235739137Print Workflow - AWI V123/22/2018 4:30
235739138Change Object Title in Workflow - AWI V123/22/2018 4:34
235739139Add Application Manager to the Ideation categories3/22/2018 5:31
235739465AWI:  Max. amount of statistical records (executions) is 503/22/2018 8:58
235739466Calendar print3/26/2018 5:25
235739467RA Hyperion HFM added function (Open Jounal Period)3/26/2018 11:19
235739140Custom User Group or Role for Importing components in Application Manager3/26/2018 13:01
235739468#FOKUS Allow more Audit settings3/28/2018 3:57
235739141Using the Web Services manager behind a proxy3/28/2018 4:01
235739469#FOKUS Restrict logon types for users3/28/2018 4:51
235739470Separating recurring executions and scheduling authorization4/3/2018 13:12
235739142Include 'Use within uproc' on application4/4/2018 9:38
235739471New Task: "Create Object"4/4/2018 12:46
235739472Banner General 8.9.3/9.3.6 Prompts increased from 8 to 13.4/4/2018 14:34
235739473Java Independent version of Applications Manager4/4/2018 19:22
235739474Add CONN objects option to DB Event4/10/2018 8:23
235739475Email Parameter in Oracle Integration4/11/2018 14:51
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