Tech Tip : CA Single Sign-On : Error# '85' during search: 'error: Timed out' when searching role from sharepoint people picker only when it reaches 95000 and above

Document created by Osarobo_Idehen Employee on Apr 16, 2018
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We are getting timeout error while searching through Sharepoint people picker only when users in a given role are more than 95,000 users Role "givenName"

There are 99,000 Users in the Role "givenName"


[12396/23006][Mon Sep 04 2017 11:24:50][SmDsLdapConnMgr.cpp:1231][ERROR][sm-Ldap-02230] Error# '85' during search: 'error: Timed out' Search Query = '(&(|(objectclass=organizationalPerson)(objectclass=inetOrgPerson)(objectclass=organization)(objectclass=organizationalUnit)(objectclass=groupOfNames)(objectclass=groupOfUniqueNames)(objectclass=group)(objectclass=organizationalperson)(objectclass=inetorgperson)(objectclass=IDMPerson)(objectclass=groupOfUniqueNames)(objectclass=IDMGroup)(objectclass=organizationalUnit)(objectclass=eTGlobalUser)(objectclass=eTGlobalGroup)(objectclass=organizationalperson)(objectclass=inetorgperson)(objectclass=IDMPerson)(objectclass=groupOfUniqueNames)(objectclass=organizationalUnit))(AssignedRoles=givenName))'

It was observed that when user count is 90000, the error was not reported but when it reached to 95000, we are observing above error




CA Siteminder Policy Server Product Name=CA Single Sign-On Policy Server Full Version=12.52 SP1 CR06
CA SharePoint Agent Product Name=CA SiteMinder Agent for SharePoint Full Version=12.52 SP1 CR04.





Search Timeout needs to be increased in Policy Server configuration





Please add new registry variable SearchTimeout to increase search timeout in Policy server.

Under this registry path

Right click on LdapSessionServer -> New -> DWORD (32 bit) value this will create a variable and rename as below

Set the value of 40 (in seconds)

This registry change should take effect automatically. However, if the issue persists after making above registry changes, please plan a policy server restart.



KD : KB000076232