Tech Tip: Where are the alarms stored in UIM?

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Where are the alarms stored in UIM?


Where are the alarms stored in UIM?
Where the alarms showing in USM and IM stored?
UIM 8.x
Infrastructure Manager (IM) Alarm Subconsole

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The alarms that show in IM are stored in 2 SQLlite db files named database.db and transactionlog.db located in the nas folder  \Nimsoft\probes\service\nas.

•  The database.db contains all active alarms (All alarms that are open and that are visible in the IM Subconsole)
Tables In the database.db
Stores all open alarms. All alarms in this table are visible in IM (and USM)


•  The transactionlog.db contains the transaction history and transaction log of open and closed (aknowledged) alarms.

Stores a unique entry (identifier: nimid) for all alarms (open and closed). When an alarm is acknowledged it is removed from the NAS_ALARMS table and at the same time the "closed" field of the NAS_TRANSACTION_SUMMARY populates with the date and time the alarm was acknowledged.

Stores every single occurrence of the same alarm (Same nimid)


Unified Service Manager (USM) Alarm View

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The alarms showing in the USM alarm view are retreived from the UIM DB. The nas nis-bridge, (enabled by default), generates an exact replica of the tables contained in the database.db and the transactionlog.db.
The nis-bridge keeps the SQLlite db alarm tables in synch with the UIM DB alarm tables, bidirectionally. 
The UIM DB contain the same alarm tables contained in the database.db and transactionlog.db.

Although all tables are kept in synch, the nas_transaction_log and nas_transaction_summary in the 2 databases might contain a different amount of entries.
This is because the transaction logging and compression configuration (eg. how long the transaction history is stored fo) for the 2 databases are managed separately: in The Transaction Log Tab and in The NiS Bridge Tab.

The IM and the USM should show the same amount of open alarms, meaning that the 2 NAS_ALARMS Tables in both databases should be in synch.
If they are not check this KB
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