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Our Agile Central and Flowdock Support teams have been continuing work on sharing their knowledge with each other and our customers. 



Here are the Knowledge Base articles created over the month of May -- it's a lot of great information!
KB000103949Undefined Method downcase Error in Work Item Connector
KB000104003Are there any performance benefits to using an API key?
KB000104012Agile Central - Users: Why a subscription administrator can not find a user?
KB000104098Agile Central: Deleted user story still rolling up to feature
KB000104958Agile Central - TFS: Connector Error undefined method upcase
KB000105199Flowdock: Can a user who left the company use his old email address?
KB000105671Agile Central - TFS: Connector Error: Message undefined method each
KB000105735Flowdock - Administration: How to promote user as flow admin
KB000105836Flowdock: REST API - How to use API to send a message to a flow
KB000105837Flowdock: REST API - Getting an error: "nil is not a supported event"
KB000105839Flowdock: REST API - How to reply to a thread
KB000105920Agile Central - Integrations: Work Item Connector log shows sleep error
KB000105930Agile Central: Watch icon is grayed out
KB000105955Agile Central - HPQC: Connector Error failed on attempt to create QC Requirement
KB000105965Flowdock: REST API - How to change my status?
KB000105968Flowdock: REST API - How to open or close a private coversation
KB000106016HP ALM Unused Field Handler Warnings
KB000106117Agile Central: User Stories - link to Discussions not working
KB000106121Agile Central: Excel add-in - Can we use the add-in functions in an Excel Macro?
KB000106167Agile Central: Search does not return results for items recently created
KB000106183Agile Central - HPQC: Connector Error Cannot find object to read
KB000106349Agile Central: Custom Fields - Adding values to drop-down are not showing in QDP
KB000106897Flowdock - iPhone App Connects to Rally instead of Flowdock
KB000106917Agile Central - Unable to rank Tasks on lists and boards
KB000107032Agile Central - Could not be saved error received when trying to save a work item.
KB000107055Agile Central - Search: can not search custom fields of type Integer
KB000107056Agile Central - Attachments: How can we see all attachments
KB000107057Agile Central - Projects: How to find all projects with status Open or Close?
KB000107332Agile Central - Excel: SSO authorization canceled error message
KB000107539Flowdock - Administration: How to set up Data Retention
KB000107731Agile Central - Add-in to Excel: SSL Error connecting to CA Agile Central
KB000107763Agile Central - Performance: Tips & Tricks for Best Performance
KB000107780When export Iteration status page, no data for Portfolio item in Parent column
KB000107926Flowdock - API: Deleting Inbox items via Flowdock API and Python
KB000108022Agile Central - Artifact attributes are not getting captured in Revision History
KB000108134Agile Central - Api Keys: Security Question. Will api key work for a disabled user?
KB000108136Agile Central - Excel: Error "A device attached to the systems is not functioning."
KB000108629Agile Central - Apps: App on Shared Page not loading or not responding correctly
KB000108633Agile Central - Java Toolkit: Start Building Java applications for Agile Central
KB000108634Agile Central - .NET Toolkit: Start Building .NET applications for Agile Central
KB000108881On-Prem Services Will Not Start Due to Oracle Not Starting
KB000108941HP ALM Connector Error undefined method `entity_type'
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