Identified Schema Issue Requires a SQL Script Update

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We identified a schema related issue (tracked against defect id DE410797) with cumulative released at below dates. 

  • RA 6.5 - Cumulative March 15th 2019
  • RA 6.6 - Cumulative February 6th 2019 - released
  • RA 6.6 - Telemetry February 27th 2019 - released


With this schema related issue, a system upgraded and having either of above cumulative patch may see below error in nolio_dm_all.log 

ERROR (com.nolio.releasecenter.controllers.RCApiController:1918) - RC API Controller method error occurred.
org.springframework.dao.InvalidDataAccessResourceUsageException: ORA-00904: "CREATED_BY": invalid identifier
; SQL [n/a]; nested exception is org.hibernate.exception.SQLGrammarException: ORA-00904: "CREATED_BY": invalid identifier


We would request to please run the attached SQL scripts to resolve this issue.


Steps to run the script:

Note: Please run the SQL script, that matches respective database flavor (i.e. MSSQL, MYSQL, ORACLE).

  1. Stop the nolio services.
  2. Run the SQL script for the database flavor in question ( i.e. MSSQL, MYSQL, ORACLE).
  3. Start the nolio services.


This issue will be fixed permanently for all the upcoming cumulative releases (6.5, 6.6, 67).


We apology for the inconvenience caused.


Please contact support in case of any further queries.