Archive Manager and DDM database

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How to disable the Archive Manager?

Just add the following line to your $SPECROOT/SS/.vnmrc


That easy


How to repair ArchiveManagers DDMDB?

While Archive Manager is running, use mysqlcheck:

cd $SPECROOT/mysql
bin/mysqlcheck -uroot -proot ddmdb


bin/mysqlcheck --auto-repair -uroot -proot ddmdb

If an error is found during the check, this will automatically fix it after all tables are checked.


If errors are found:

bin/mysqlcheck -r -uroot -proot ddmdb


If Archive Manager isn't runningyou can run myisamchk:

cd $SPECROOT/mysql
bin/myisamchk -m data/ddmdb/*.MYI

The medium check (-m) is supposed to catch 99.9% of errors.


If errors are found:

bin/myisamchk -r data/ddmdb/*.MYI

to recover/repair


To repair the db automatically in the future change your $SPECTRUM/SS/DDM/.configrc and add:




How to change max table size of DDMDB?

The ArchiveManager has a default maximum table size of 2 GB. You may extend this limit by adding the following line to your $SPECROOT/SS/DDM/.configrc


If you change the maximum of days of data kept in the DDM you could prevent DDMDB getting this big. But under certain circumstances there is no alternative.