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----------- © 2011 Ptak, Noel &Associates LLC ----------- Leveraging CA Datacom® Improves Business Agility and Performance Summary: Existing enterprise technologies, such as CA Datacom® are often processing workhorses supporting current revenue streams and delivering high-performance operational benefits to their organizations. Yet these technologies must also prosper within rapidly changing datacenter environments, which are populated with dynamic web and mobile applications, new software architectures and innovative business projects. While Ptak, Noel &Associates advocates enterprise innovation that embraces and extends valuable existing technology, the suppliers of that technology must be committed to sustaining the solution’s competitive advantages and simplifying its participation in innovative business projects. This paper discusses CA Technologies’ commitment to improving the business value of CA Datacom through continued investment to sustain the solution’s performance, accessibility and optimization advantages. It also reviews the benefits of leveraging CA Datacom’s advantages in innovative software projects.