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This document describes how to change the IP address of a ReporterAnalyzer system 9.0 and above for both standalone and distributed environments.



  1. Change system IPs and hostnames
  2. Reboot your systems
  3. Go to Admin Page
  4. Update DSA address on DSA page
  5. Update Harvester address on Harvester page
  6. Update Reporter address on Application Settings page



  1. Change each server's IP and hostname.
  2. Reboot each server.
  3. Open the ReporterAnalyzer web interface and select Administration.
  4. Click DSA (in the menu on the left side) and edit the IP address of the DSA(s)
  5. Click Havester and edit the IP address of the Harvester(s)
  6. Click Application Settings and edit the IP address of the RA Console by changing the "Reporter IP" field
  7. Remote desktop to the ReporterAnalyzer Console server.
  8. Open a command prompt and run the following:
              Mysql -P 3308 reporter
    Update database_servers set dataloadid='x.x.x.x' where address=inet_aton('x.x.x.x');

    (where x.x.x.x is the new IP address of the DSA)
  9. Restart the NetQoS Reporter/Analyzer DSA Loader Service.
  10. Remote desktop to your DSAs and update the ConsoleAddresses to be that of your new RA IP:
              Mysql -P 3308 nqrptr
    update settings set value='x.x.x.x' where name='ConsoleAddress';

    (where x.x.x.x is the new IP of the RA)
  11. Restart the ReporterAnalyzer DSA Loader service on the DSA