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Abstract: In this session we will cover Culprit basics through to more advanced concepts We will not cover all the options available on the parameters we will investigate We will make you aware of many key features by teaching through example The workshop "CD" (i.e ZIP file)  has homework that will help you to become competent in Culprit  Author: Gary Cherlet, Dept of Justice South Australia  ZIP File Contents: 1) The Power Point presentation on Culprit 2) A 2nd Power Point that contains "Homework" to reinforce the concepts from the Culprit session. After completing the homework the developer should be able to write new Culprit reports to run against either flat files or IDMS databases. The developer should also be able to modify, extend or otherwise enhance CA provided Dictinary, database, journal, statistics and other system reports that are written in Culprit and provided in source form during the installation process. 3) A flat file of employee data to run the exercises against - so that results should match the results in the PPTs 4) A PDS for installation on the mainframe that contains Culprit source including examples and solutions to the exercises - and a bonus Culprit that produces Schema Record layout reports in HTML format !  Enjoy - cheers- Gary