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  • ARD 3.3 Released

    Agile Requirements Designer's latest release brings powerful API integration capabilities, enhanced automation functions, and streamlined user experience, enabling users to achieve greater efficiency in their software development cycle. Upgrade now to take advantage of these new features and capabilities.

    We are excited to announce this new release and hope our users will enjoy the new features and capabilities that it brings to their software development process.

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  • The release is coming, we are expecting to have it published in two weeks ------------------------------ ARD Product Manager Broadcom ------------------------------

  • Hi, I was providing the answer in the other thread Thanks, Pavel ------------------------------ ARD Product Manager Broadcom ----------------- ...

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  • We are excited to announce the latest version of Agile Requirements Designer 3.3 ( Download ARD 3.3 ). With this release, we're excited to introduce several new features and enhancements that will help you streamline your testing process and achieve ...

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  • I am happy to announce the ARD team has recently released Agile Requirements Designer 3.2.7 ( Download ARD 3.2.7 ). ARD 3.2.7 is the cumulative fix release for ARD 3.2 ( View full ARD 3.2 documentation ) version. ARD 3.2.7 contains all the updates ...