CA Security Community Webcast: 10 Ways to Improve CA Single Sign-On Monitoring (May 7th)

Created by Chris Stallone Employee on Mar 24, 2015

Thursday, May 7, 2015 at Webex

Starts at 4:00 PM · Ends at 5:00 PM, GMT (Etc/GMT)

Please join us for our next community webcast Thursday, May 7th @ 12 PM EDT


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CA Single Sign-On is a mission critical solution for many organizations.  In many cases, if SSO is down, all business within the organization can stop or the organization can be prevented from taking orders – which has a direct loss of revenue.  Therefore, it is important to monitor SSO for health and performance.


During this webcast, Steve Lavoie (CA Support) and Aaron Berman (CA Presales) will walk through 10 ways to help improve CA Single Sign-On monitoring. There will be 10-15 minutes set aside at the end of the webcast for live Q&A.