Closing Network Backdoors: Best Practices to Control Third-Party Risks

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In up to two-thirds of security breaches, stolen or compromised user credentials belonging to a privileged user with wide-ranging access to sensitive systems, served as the initial attack vector. In this way, attackers can steal sensitive data and wreak havoc. While you must provide access to third parties, you must also manage such high-impact security risks. Join us to learn the top five best practices for regaining control of third-party access, and the processes and technology necessary to stop unauthorized access and damaging breaches.


In this webcast, you’ll learn:


- The identity, access, and security governance processes needed to protect your network

- How to ensure positive user identification to prevent credential theft and misuse

- Techniques to limit access to only those resources required to satisfy work or business requirements

- Preventing the unauthorized commands — and inadvertent mistakes — threatening your network

- Establishing monitoring procedures that flag violations and speed forensic investigations