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  • With the introduction of Fabric Operating System (FOS) 8.2.0 Brocade came out with its RESTful API support.  For the last 18 months Brocade continues to expose more objects through the API to allow our customers a more modern way to interact with our platforms.  We introduced our PyFOS libraries and Utilities that can be found out at which are sanctioned by Brocade. 

    A number of resources are available to help you better understand our API approach.  One great way to start is taking our free education courses around Automation (API-220 and REST-320)

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  • Thanks for this, I would never have found any of these courses if it wasn't for your post. I look forward to completing the courses.

  • I'm in the early planning phase of automating zoning. I started looking at this a month ago and I'm trying to decide on the best approach. I'm new to ansible but I think this is probably going to be the tool I will use. Initially I was looking at doing ...

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