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Would like to discuss the concepts of teams, release trains , shared teams that are needed for SAFe at enterprise execution and how CA/PPM would be used for Strategic & resource planning.  Need to minimize work effort, double keying,.  Teams are typically a standing team , but their relationship to each other changes based EPIC Initiative ,…
I'm probably late to get some vote on my ideas... but our Organisation did not selected an Agile tool yet, I would like to get an overview of which tool we can integrate with CA PPM, how it integrate and what are the pros/cons of these tools. 
When will our engineers be able to submit their time directly from CA Agile Central rather than needing to log into another tool and select projects that are associated with the tasks they worked on?   I would especially like them to be able to specify simply the time worked on each task without thinking about which PPM project and task that time…
As Jira is moving to Project Portfolio Management (, how can we sell CA PPM against JIRA in the 2 following cases : 1- JIRA used only at a team level with multiple instances, 2- JIRA used by the entire organization in one instance.   Best practices and use case welcome
If we're discussing the integration between CA PPM and Agile tools, we're assuming that the roles of the two tools are clearly defined, but as Agile tools become more sophisticated they start to blur the lines between what is managed in the Agile tool and CA PPM.    CA PPM: Governance and approvals Financial Management Waterfall Project…
Discussion on the technical details about how the OOTB integration between CA PPM and Agile Central is configured.  This would involve where to click and what to fill into the fields for how this would work.
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