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Please save the date for our Annual RUG event which will be held at JP Morgan Chase. I look forward to seeing everyone. We are in the process of planning the agenda, once the agenda is confirmed I will update the event. There is no cost to attend this event. We are here to connect, learn and share! CA PPM    Thanks Tammi Reel Davis
Prashank Singh
Most of us are still struggling to run the reports as we used to run, when BOxi was still part of CA PPM reporting. Now, BOxi is not part of CA PPM from 14.4 Version. We have started missing the functionality to run BOxi reports via Action Menu from CA PPM Objects or via Link from Object List. We can still achieve similar functionality, however… (Show more)
Prashank Singh
Introduction of REST API has open doors for more powerful and effective way to achieve integration with different applications. We have already gone through CA PPM REST API  overview in previous Blog. In this Blog we will try to consume RESTful URL’s via gel script, so let’s start with basic Project Read and extracting some basic information.   We… (Show more)
Kritika Rana
Charts represent data in more interactive manner as compared to table or text. In Jasper, HTML5 Charts are a way to allow data dynamically in a visually appealing way with interactive content. This entirely new set of interactive charts is not only visually attractive, it combines advanced chart capabilities with a rich set of supported user… (Show more)
Prashank Singh
With Version 14.3 CA has introduced new web service i.e. REST API for resource retrieving and modifying PPM data, this new web service is powerful to achieve integration with other application, interactive interfaces, easy business automation and other stuff, before these advance development we need to first understand how to use them. So lets get… (Show more)
Please join us for our second webcast of 2017.   CA PPM provides out-of-the-box functionality and software to integrate with Microsoft Project. Companies often wrestle with the decision to deploy this capability. In this discussion, Rob Greca, from Rego Consulting, will share experiences from other companies that have used the MS Project…
Prashank Singh
We have already achieved Rendering HTML inside CA PPM via Lookup, if you have not viewed my previous blog on html lookup then i will recommend you to first go through HTML Fancy Lookups: Getting Started   There are few clients where they want to view different sub-object data inside their master object and they want to create new instance or… (Show more)
Prashank Singh
CA PPM Lookups are powerful and widely used while achieving customization from getting dynamic values based on user login to parameter mapping or cascaded value into different lookup etc. Today we are going to learn how to leverage Lookups power to render Html into CA PPM pages to achieve some fancy stuffs.   Before we go into code, here are some… (Show more)