Knowledge Editor

Idea created by ca.portal.admin on Aug 5, 2013

    We'd like the knoweldge editor to be much more robust - or at least - user friendly.
    We need to move hundreds of knoweldge articles from files to CASD, and often run into situations, where after pasting text into the KD, we re unable to easily change font/spacing/color.  In most cases we are forced to either be HTML experts and stumble through HTML changes or first copy text to NotePad or Word before pasting into the KD in order to strip away application coding.      
    As a first step, we'd like the view of a KD while in REWORK mode to be the exact same view of the text that is seen when viewing the available doucment.     It's difficult to determine which specific text requires changes while in EDIT mode, because its not a true display of the user view.