Standardize HTMPL code (remove source-oriented pages)

Idea created by L.Elias Champion on Aug 20, 2013
    Not planned

    This is a request to standardize htmpl templates to ensure that all are following the same guidelines and structure. For example, Classic Workflow forms (insert_wf.htmpl) do not allow modification by normal means. Attempts to add object attributes (out of the box, no custom attributes) to the form does NOT work, and according to CA support/development/engineering would require complete recode of relevant spl files. Many Knowledge-related forms are similar, as well as many of the Employee view pages.


    These are largely htmpl files that once open, are primarily HTML/JavaScript source rather than normal pdm_macro tags such as the detail_ and list_ files


    *Note: I am opening this "Idea" at the request of CA support after raising this as a support ticket, specifically for the insert_wf.htmpl form. I am generalizing the Idea to account for other similar pages. Please feel free to indicate any other troublesome forms in the comments as well. If this is a redundant Idea let me know, I tried search and did not come up with any that seemed similar.