NFA - Creating Aggregated Interface using web services

Idea created by ohad1.1 on Aug 13, 2013
    Under review

    Our WAN traffic is forwarded on G0/0 which is secured with ESP, therefore we cannot get details from NFA.
    The aggregation of Tunnel 0 & Tunnel 1 is equal to G0/0 traffic.


    I know that we can build an aggregated Interface manually that includes both Tunnels but we have large amount of devices (~thousands).


    I tried to find a way to build an automatic Aggregated Interface for each device that is added to system.
    - The Aggregated Interface will include Tu0+Tu1 statistics.
    - In/Out BW will be equal to G0/0 BW.


    My need can be solved by 2 options:
    1. Building a specific rule in NFA for this request.
    2. Creating Aggregated Interface via web services (and then running script that builds Agg Int for each Interface in system).