Display Peer to Peer relationships in Impact Analyser and root cause analysis

Idea created by davidla on Sep 2, 2013
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    It relates to the ticket logged earlier 21466661

    These are the original questions asked
    1. Our customer wants to use CA Service Desk as an impact analysis tool
    during change and incidents but it does not cater for high availability
    scenarios. E.g. Under the Impact Analysis Filter when you make a CI focal
    if a CI has a fails over relationship type it is not reflected in the
    visualizer picture it shows the impact incorrectly. Can CA Service Desk
    cater for weighting and include in the impact analysis any failover, load
    balancing, dual path etc scenarios.?

    2. Our customer wants to add a primary CI to a change order with impacted
    CI s automatically being attached to the change order. Rather than adding
    each CI one by one.

    3. Root cause analysis filter needs to show all relationships (including peer
    to peer) to enable all CIs with a relationship to be identified as a
    potential cause when performing problem management analysis. E.g. if you are
    trying to identify root cause and the correct relationships are now showing
    in visualizer then you will miss potential causes. Is there a solution for

    4. Service is listed on the visualizer at the bottom and the arrows show the
    correct way for impact, but if you reverse the picture and it shows the
    service at the top the arrows go the wrong way? Does CA have a fix for this?

    CA response was:
    As per the update from our Visualizer guru, your query1 and query3 should be enhancement requests too. As we don't filter using relationship type, we seem to filter using the parent/child relationship. We will double check with architects on this, and will get back to you once it's confirmed.

    The architects confirmed that the fails over is a peer to peer relation and is not shown in the impact analyzer and root cause analysis,  and confirmed that this is an enhancement request.