Idea created by gisa.daniel on Sep 23, 2013
    Not planned
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    • sebastian.wolf
    • Grant Bruneau
    • gisa.daniel

    We want to send different content in notification messages. The content
    depends on the notification contact. We send different email footer to our customers.
    We need an placeholder for the notification contact. e.g. @mailcontact.organization.z_footer




    We need an default extend from sd method cnt::notify_contact with an dummy
    method that can be overridden by customer in side mods.


    Code Example:


    string cnt::z_modify_msg_body(object mailuser, string msg_body)
    return (msg_body);


    int cnt::notify_contact( int notify_level, string msg_title, string msg_body,
    string msg_ack, int transition_point, string context_persid, int is_internal,
    int cmth_override, ... )
       msg_body = call("cnt::z_modify_msg_body", this, msg_body);