Dynamic Form Field Group

Idea created by Hari.Saligommula on Sep 23, 2013
    Not planned

    This enhancement request has been raised in reference to issue 21277762;01


    Hari requested we raise this enhancement request to possibly include 'Group'
    controls which could be defined with the system components and dynamically
    added to the form programmatically via JavaScript.


    Use case:
    Hari currently has a form which includes two select fields side by side by
    column layout as a row. For this use case users may need to add additional
    'rows'. Currently these fields/rows would need to be predefined in the form
    as hidden/disabled and then shown/enabled via JavaScript. This requires the
    form developer to know the maximum number of potential rows that would be
    required. As this could be difficult, Hari would like to be able to create
    the 'row' as a group and dynamically add additional groups to the form when
    requesting the service.