Automated mass Agent upgrade

Idea created by Florian_Cheval Employee on May 27, 2013
    Currently Planned

    Problem statement:


    Upgrading Agents is very much manual, difficult, error-prone, long, time consuming, tedious and boring.
    It's probably one of the top reasons why customers don't upgrade and keep running old releases of Introscope for several years.


    Proposed solution:


    Since upgrading EMs is overall a lot simpler and cheaper (although there's still room for improvement, for example I would like to upgrade only my MOM and have it distribute updates to all of its Collectors), let's assume that I just upgraded my entire cluster to the latest release.


    Now it's time to upgrade my Agents.


    I would like to be able to select a group of Agents (there could be a new "Agent groups" object, or I"m eventually willing to select them one by one based on a regexp search results displayed in a table), click on the "Upgrade" button, be offered to upgrade Agents now or at a scheduled time (next Saturday night while I'm setting the dance floor on fire for example), and have the EM cluster automatically distribute those upgrades to all my selected Agents.
    A few notes:
    _It might not even have to restart the JVMs, that could still be my responsibility
    _It should preserve my existing Agent configurations as much as possible